Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Thunderstorm, rain likely to bring relief from heat

June 16, 2019 05:48 AM


Thunderstorm, rain likely to bring relief from heat
Heatwave conditions may finally subside, as experts predict showers on Tuesday and Wednesday
GURUGRAM: After days of relentless heat, the city is expected to get some relief starting today as the day temperature is likely to stay below 40 degrees Celsius till Wednesday, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

■ The day temperature in the city hasn’t dropped below 40° Celsius since June 1. Rain is likely to bring mercury down a few notches.
The IMD has predicted a generally cloudy sky for the next three to four days, with a high possibility of a dust storm or a thunderstorm on Sunday and Monday, followed by light rain and strong, gusty winds on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The maximum temperature on Sunday is likely to be around 40 degrees Celsius and is expected to fall to 38 degrees Celsius by Monday, according to IMD officials.

“A Western Disturbance is approaching, which, along with the incoming southwesterly winds that are likely to bring moisture from the Arabian Sea, will cause rain and thunderstorm activity from Sunday till at least Wednesday,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, senior IMD scientist.

The day temperature in the city hasn’t dropped below 40 degrees Celsius since June 1, according to data with the IMD. The drop to 38 degrees Celsius would be the lowest day temperature this month.

The maximum temperature on Saturday was recorded at 43.6 degrees Celsius — a rise of around a degree from Friday. It was four degrees above the normal temperature for this time of the year.

The minimum temperature on Saturday, however, fell to 27.8 degrees Celsius from 28.9 degrees Celsius. Saturday’s minimum temperature saw no deviation from the normal temperature for this time of the year.

The minimum temperature is expected to be around 28 degrees Celsius till at least Wednesday, after which it could rise by a degree or so, said an IMD spokesperson.

However, the maximum temperature around Friday could rise again to 41 or 42 degrees Celsius, said experts.

Meanwhile, the city’s air quality index (AQI) wasn’t available with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Saturday due to a technical error, said officials. The AQI on Friday was recorded at 119 (moderate) by the CPCB. Experts expect the AQI to stay in the ‘moderate’ category due to the predicted rain the coming three to four days.

Heatwave-like conditions are also likely to abate in the national Capital with thunderstorm activity predicted to bring much-needed respite from the heat, the weather experts said on Saturday.

The day temperature is likely to dip over the next three to four days on the account of a Western Disturbance approaching, coupled with the recurving cyclone Vayu travelling to Delhi and the whole of northwest plains, said an IMD official.

Monsoon showers, however, are expected only in the first week of July, as it has been delayed from the Kerala coast, he said.


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