Monday, August 19, 2019
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इंस्टाग्राम शॉपिंग की लोकप्रियता बढ़ने के साथ कारोबारी भी बदल रहे हैं तौर-तरीका फटाफट खरीद-फरोख्त का नया अड्डा बना इंस्टाग्रामNBT EDIT-जम्मू-कश्मीर का मसला-दुनिया हमारे साथकुछ बड़ा देने वाले हैं पीएम, ताकि चमके इकॉनमी-75,000 करोड़ बचाएंगे 2 साल में सरकारी खर्च में कटौती से टैक्स रिफॉर्म4 जिलों के 84 गांवों में अलर्ट, स्थिति बिगड़ने पर स्कूल बंद करने के आदेश अगले पांच साल में पंचकूला को मोहाली से आगे ले जाने का लक्ष्य: सीएम खट्‌टर कौशल्या डैम का वॉटर लेवल खतरे के निशान तक पहुंचा, सिंचाई विभाग धीरे-धीरे पानी छोड़ने की तैयारी में इंद्री और घरौंडा क्षेत्र के कई गांवों में यमुना से बाढ़ का खतरा, 29 गांवों में अलर्ट जारी, 22 स्कूल रहेंगे आज बंद HT EDIT-Assembly polls: campaign bells ring, again The BJP has already begun working on state polls. The Opposition must wake up
HT EDIT-The PM’s economic signal Focus on reviving demand, and stemming the slowdown TOI EDIT-Walk The Talk Now deliver on development and peace in J&K TOI EDIT -Turn A Corner Cutting off diplomatic and trade ties with New Delhi won’t help Islamabad ET EDIT-Welcome Rate Cut Will Not Suffice Mediation, not liquidity, site of the problem HT EDIT -Cutting policy rates won’t revive the economy Economic recovery will only happen through revival in aggregate demand NBT EDIT -मौद्रिक नीति-ताकि दूर हो सुस्ती NBT EDIT -और अब करंसी वॉर HT EDIT-It is time to open up Kashmir The security imperative is important, but so are principles of liberty and humanity TOI EDIT -Taxing Times Tax policies have become extractive and they are often backed by coercive methods TOI EDIT-Road Ahead Government must sensitively handle likely protests in Kashmir once lockdown is lifted TRIBUNE EDIT -The BJP agenda J&K loses its special status after seven decades THE HINDUSTAN TIMES EDIT BJP’s Kashmir move is bold, but has risks THE HINDU EDIT-A wrong way to end: on scrapping of Article 370 in J&K ASIAN AGE EDIT-Short-sighted move, with dangerous consequences In real terms, even with Articles 370 and 35A gone, THE ECONOMIC TIMES EDIT- The ‘Why’ Has Merit, Questions Over ‘How’ ET EDIT -CSR Should Not Be Source of Harassment Rethink penal provisions for non-compliance ET EDIT-Revive, Not Merge, State-Owned Insurers HT EDIT -Keep guard, reassure citizens Maintain external security, but allay internal apprehensions TOI EDIT AUG 5 Tense Kashmir Centre must scotch rumours following unprecedented withdrawal of Amarnath pilgrims and tourists TOI EDIT-Vetting The Parliament Government’s legislative pace overwhelms opposition but haste should not be at cost of scrutiny TRIBUN EDIT -Down in the dumps Govt must step in to arrest economic slide INDIAN EXPRESS EDIT-It’s the slowdown TOI EDIT -Woman Vs Bahubali Unnao case must be a wakeup call TOI EDIT -Hard Choices Needed: Factor market reforms, not quick fixes ET EDIT-Railways-State JVs for Mass Urban Transit ET EDIT -Burying the Medical Council of India The NMC Bill does the nation a big service HT EDIT-Rate cuts haven’t worked To stem the slowdown, policies must focus on reviving demand INDIAN EXPRESS EDIT-Bleak math Subdued tax revenues indicate that the economic slowdown TOI EDIT-A Tragedy’s Lessons ET EDIT -When the Systemic Becomes the Personal V G Siddhartha’s tragic demise is a wake-up call