Thursday, February 21, 2019
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DAINIK BHASKAR EDIT-वित्तीय प्रशासन के ढांचे पर राजन के सुझाव विचार योग्य TOI EDIT-Priyanka’s Launch ET EDIT-Priyanka Will Spur Congress Cadre HT EDIT-The State must address migrants’ vulnerabilities Unskilled workers will increasingly migrate towards the richer south DAINIK BHASKAR EDIT- प्रियंका को महासचिव पद की जिम्मेदारी देने का अर्थ NBT EDIT-थाली बदलने का वक्त TOI EDIT-Law Of Karma After embracing desi style politics United Kingdom may be headed for partition too TOI EDIT-Dumbing Down Quotas across the board will be disastrous for higher education NBT EDIT JAN 12-नेताओं का चरित्र-चित्रण जोखिम भरा काम सियासी फिल्मों का टोटा TRIBUNE EDIT-Crop registration in Haryana Meeting agrarian distress piecemeal NBT EDIT-आरक्षण की उलझन TOI EDIT-Sanskari Neighbour Pakistan cracks down on bold themes on TV, more proof of our deep cultural rishta TOI EDIT-Placebo Politics Quotas have run their course, time to expand jobs and improve education Investment Pick-Up Only Fix for Jobs Crisis TRIBUNE EDIT-The closing gambit Modi is treading a fine line with upper-caste reservation ET EDIT-Act of Populism With Likely Few Takers Quota seeks to retain shaky upper caste support ET EDIT-Cow Cess is Bad in Politics, Economics Smartphones & empowerment Punjab takes the tried-and-tested route for now NBT EDIT -सबरीमाला मंदिर का मामला परंपरा और आस्था TRIBUNE EDIT-Haryana’s cotton scam How GST fraudsters are duping the state ET EDIT-The Hard Truth on Farm Loan Waivers PM must be categorical also on the alternative TRIBUNE EDIT -The Gurugram gangrape Sensitivity and safer environment needed TOI EDIT -Turning The Corner 2019 should be the year for a fresh start, as bad ideas exhaust themselves TRIBUNE EDIT-Tightening the noose Bringing sexual abusers of children to book TOI EDIT-Daddy’s Home A happy new year gift for single male parents NBT EDIT -ट्रंप ने कहा, अमेरिका विश्व का ठेकेदार नहीं बदले हुए सुर ET EDIT-New Deal for TV Must Go the Extra Mile TRIBUNE EDIT-Prudence loses to profligacy Punjab taxpayers’ money should be spent cautiously TRIBUNE EDIT-Rationalising GST Eschew the populist lure NBT EDIT-आज भी वहीं के वहींदलित-आदिवासियों का संकट