Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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HT EDIT-The Opposition needs Mayawati Only the BSP can really impact elections beyond Uttar Pradesh TRIBUNE EDIT-State managing hotels Himachal must push through leasing plans NBT EDIT -बंद गली में लड़कियां TRIBUNE EDIT-Saving the Aravallis Landmark SC verdict against Kant Enclave TRIBUE EDIT-BJP National Executive meet Signs of hubris though Modi-Shah remain in control NAV BHARAT TIMES EDIT-जेब जलाता फ्यूल NBT EDIT -मीडिया और दलित TRIBUNE EDIT -‘Phone-a-loan’ scam Disclose their identities and act against them TOI EDIT Shirty Rules In tennis men have a topless advantage Competition, Not Tax Cuts, for Fuels TOI EDIT -McCarthy Moment? TOI EDIT -Free Lunch Coming Lab grown meat could simultaneously resolve environmental and ethical issues TRIBUNE EDIT-Khalistanis in the US, UK West’s permissibility heightens misgiving TRIBUNE EDIT -Skim the cream Fruits of quota should reach bottom of the pyramid Maximum State Instead of reaching out in all directions, institutions must focus on core capabilities TRIBUNE EDIT-WhatsApp cautioned! No licence to promote cyber recklessness Vinesh wins gold Two years after horrible injury, Haryana wrestler shines TRIBUNE EDIT -North India against drugs Mere policing solves only half the problem NBT EDIT -बदल रहे गांव TRIBUNE EDIT-Victims of continuing hate Attacks against Sikhs in the US rise NBT EDIT-अमेरिकी अखबारों में ट्रंप के खिलाफ संपादकीय यह कड़वाहट ठीक नहीं TOI EDIT-Atal, Farewell Vajpayee led BJP to government and may have given India its best years ever India’s ‘Awaara’ Philosopher-King ET EDIT-Vajpayee: Herald of Stability Sans the Congress NBT EDIT-इतिहास का अटल दौर-एक युग का अंत INDIAN EXPRESS EDIT-Atal Bihari Vajpayee There may not be many in his mould in his party today. But his playbook will endure TRIBUNE EDIT AUG 17-A universally loved politician Vajpayee set templates that surprised ET EDIT-Bugle Call From the Red Fort’s Ramparts The PM makes the case for his reelection in 2019 ET EDIT -State Bank of India Mirrors State of India Poetic Politics The sharp electoral calculations of PM’s soaring Independence Day oratory