Saturday, August 17, 2019
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RESULT IS THE TEST LS elections will decide future of BJP MLAs in Hry

April 25, 2019 05:43 AM


LS elections will decide future of BJP MLAs in Hry


The parliamentary elections could well be a do or die battle for the BJP leaders in Haryana. To ensure victory of its candidates, the BJP has asked its MLAs in the state to ensure maximum voter turnout in their areas. There are clear instructions that the vote share of BJP candidates shall decide future prospects of all the 47 party MLAs, including 13 cabinet ministers.

Sources said the MLAs and the ministers have been told to ensure maximum polling, much more than in the 2014 assembly polls, in their areas of the parliamentary constituency. The directive may pose a major challenge to ministers like O P Dhankar, Manish Grover, Kavita Jain, Rao Narbir Singh, Vipul Goyal who are working overnight in their constituencies — Hisar, Rohtak, Sonipat, Karnal and Kurukshetra — as the party considers them “not safe”, they added.

Maintaining that ensuring maximum vote share for the party was an unwritten rule in politics, Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala told TOI, “Certainly the vote count of the area for party is a clear reflection of the performance of the area representative, be it a councilor or the MLA. Hence, it goes without saying that this is one way of assessing his or her performance. All our ministers and MLAs are performers.”

“We have seen this in panchayat elections, then in civic polls and mayoral elections of five municipal corporations. There is no cause for worry as we are winning on all the 10 seats,” he added.

Sources said Barala himself is personally monitoring Sirsa and Hisar constituencies along with senior party leaders. Jain and her husband were also campaigning rigorously in Sonipat, they added. Grover and Dhankar too have pitched their tents in Rohtak.

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