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Actor Dalip Tahil arrested for drink

September 26, 2018 05:51 AM


Actor Dalip Tahil arrested for drink driving
Complainants say his car rammed into an auto, hurt them; actor claims he was the one who got scratches
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Actor Dalip Tahil was taken into police custody for drink driving after his car allegedly bumped into an autorickshaw in Khar. The passengers of the auto filed a case with the police, saying they were hurt in the mishap. Though acknowledging that he had been drinking, the actor said that he was the one in danger of being lynched by a mob, had the police not arrived in time.

According to the police, the incident took place on Sunday evening when Ganesh visarjan processions were passing through the area. The complainant, Jenita Kashyap Gandhi, said that Tahil’s car rammed into the auto in which she was travelling with her friend, Gaurav Singh.

The two passengers also alleged in their complaint that the actor tried to flee the scene. “They said they had to follow him for a while before they could stop him with the help of the people around. Our men, who were on bandobast duty, brought him to the police station. Tahil tested positive for alcohol,” said a senior official from Khar police station.

According to the officer, the complainants said that they suffered internal injuries and that Gandhi sprained her neck in the incident. The officer added that the actor got bail on Sunday night itself.

The actor, while taking the blame for the accident, said the incident was being blown out of proportion by ‘opportunistic people’. “Neither of the two passengers nor the driver was hurt. My car bumped into the auto because there was bumper-to-bumper traffic due to the Ganpati visarjan crowds. I didn’t ram into the car with an impact that would have left anyone injured,” he said.

Tahil also said that he drove ahead after the incident just to approach police personnel to sort things out with the complainants. “The two of them started drumming up the support of the people on the road, making things take an ugly turn. I feared for my physical security. My intuition proved right as I ended with a scratched arm and a missing bracelet,” he said.

Regretting getting behind the wheel after taking a couple of drinks, the actor maintains he was not ‘drunk as such’. “Still, I am willing to bear any punishment for the rules I have broken. I would still maintain that I have not caused any one any harm though,” he said.

Tahil has been booked for causing injury due to rash and negligent driving under the Indian Penal Code and for driving under the influence of alcohol under the Motor Vehicles Act.


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