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Haryana Crime

Crime spurt: 11 murders in Sonepat in three weeks

June 27, 2019 05:55 AM


Sunil Rahar ■
Crime spurt: 11 murders in Sonepat in three weeks
ROHTAK : The alleged killing of a 28-year-old man on Monday, took the total number of murder cases reported in the Sonepat district in this month to 10.

The man identified as Rakesh of Chauhan Joshi village was shot dead by three people near a dhaba in Sonepat. Witnessing a dangerous spurt, as many as four people were beaten up to death while seven were shot dead by unidentified miscreants in the district between June 3 and June 24.

On June 8, three persons of a family, including a couple, were shot dead in two separate incidents at Bhainswal Kalan and Katwal villages of the district.

The deceased were identified as Hoshiar Singh, 55, his wife Nirmala Devi, 48, of Bhainswal Kalan village and Surender Singh of Katwal village. Two separate cases were registered at Sadar Gohana police station. A day before, Hoshiar Singh’s elder brother Balbir was allegedly shot dead by the same gangsters belonging to their village. A separate

case under relevant sections was registered. A blacksmith was beaten to death in Gangana village after his cattle grazed in another field on June 7.

Ravi, a resident of Kheri Gujar village, was beaten to death by neighbours after he objected assault on his sister by some people on June 15.

Aatish of Punjab was shot dead by assailants in Murthal town on June 16. On June 17, Amit of Janti Kalan village was killed with a sharp edged weapon on Kundli highway. On June 21, a

woman and her lover killed her husband’s uncle in Rajlu Garhi village. Sanjit of Juan village was shot dead when he was distributing sweets outside a temple in his village on June 22.

Retired superintendent of police Jagat Singh said criminal have no fear of the law. Sonepat additional SP, Arpit Jain said most of the cases took place because of gang war.“We have arrested many persons in these cases. The exact reason behind the murder cases would be known after crackdown of the cases,” he said.

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