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June 07, 2018 06:50 AM



1 I’m 24 years old.

I masturbate sometimes. On certain days I do it twice, and then there are times when I don’t do it for weeks. I have been experiencing hair fall of late. Is this due to masturbation? Does masturbation cause hair fall? I’ve been reading up on this, and I’d like to get the confusion cleared once and for all.

No, masturbation does not cause hair fall. However, should you be taking any medical treatment for your hair fall, some drugs could cause disturbance to the penile erection.

2 I have a decent-sized penis — around 6 inches — but when erect, it curves to the left, like a banana. This is a little irritating and also embarrassing. I would like to get it straight and need your assistance for the same. What would you recommend?

If the curvature is not great and the diversion to the side is less than 30 degrees, you will be able to have sexual intercourse. All you have to do is to curve your body to allow your penis to be in a straight line. There are surgeons skilled at correcting the curvature. But my advice to you would be to avoid it as long you can engage in foreplay and have sexual intercourse without any surgery.

3 I am a 23-year-old bachelor. My problem is that the foreskin of my penis cannot be retracted. It is too tight, and I also have an injury below the head of the penis. I also experience pain while urinating. Please tell me what I should be looking at doing.

Please see a surgeon, who can advise you on some of the things you can do to expand the foreskin. If that is not possible, undergo a minor operation known as circumcision. You could read up more about it online.

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