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May 17, 2018 06:16 AM



1 I love my boyfriend, but when we engage in intercourse, he seems to be interested in my breasts alone. He does not not seem to enjoy oral sex, the actual act of intercourse or even any other form of foreplay as much. I would like more variety in our sex life, but I also don’t want to upset him. Is it normal for men to be so obsessed with breasts?

The breasts are a popular subject of foreplay. It’s important for you to have a frank and open discussion and show him some of the other points which arouse you and which may interest you and him. You may order my book named ‘It’s Normal’ from a book shop or the internet — you can use it to help him understand.

2 I am a 21-year-old woman and I live in a joint family with very orthodox views. For some time now, my family has been looking for prospective grooms to arrange my marriage with, and they have finally come across one man they appear to like a lot. There is a lot of pressure on me to marry him, and I have met him a few times. He recently said he enjoys anal sex and would not want to marry me if I was against it. I am a virgin and have heard that anal sex is painful as well as unsafe. I cannot bring this issue up with my family, but perhaps I can put my concerns down to a health issue. Please advise.

You will have to understand how serious he is about this, and then decide, along with your parents, what course of action to pursue. Do not consider marriage if you are very doubtful. Anal sex is not legally permitted and it can also be painful. Besides, if done with the male wearing a condom, it can cause an infection as well.

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