Sunday, March 29, 2020
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इंदौर में तीन दिन पूरा लॉकडाउन: एक अप्रैल तक दूध-सब्जी कुछ नहीं मिलेगा, घर से निकलने पर हो सकती है जेलराजस्थान सरकार का आदेश- राज्य में किरायेदार से नहीं वसूला जाएगा 1 महीने का किरायाउत्तर प्रदेश में अब तक कोरोना के 72 केस आए हैं सामने, जबकि 2305 सैंपल पाए गए नेगेटिवउत्तर प्रदेश में अब तक कोरोना के 72 केस आए हैं सामने, जबकि 2305 सैंपल पाए गए नेगेटिवUP: सऊदी अरब से लौटे 35 लोगों पर पीलीभीत में केस दर्ज, इनमें 2 थे कोरोना पॉजिटिवदिल्लीः शाहीन बाग इलाके में फर्नीचर की दुकान में लगी आग, मौके पर पहुंचीं 4 दमकल गाड़ियांप्रदेश सरकार ने प्रवासी मजदूरों के भोजन और आवास के लिए व्यापक प्रबंध किए:केशनी आनन्द अरोड़ाजो जहां है,उसे वहीं रोक कर रखा जाए और जाने की अनुमति हरगिज न दी जाए:मनोहर लाल, हरियाणा के सीएम

CHANDIGARH -Biz slump after entry of heavy vehicles restricted’

February 17, 2020 05:12 AM


Biz slump after entry of heavy vehicles restricted’
Trader, transporter Tirade Challans being issued despite assurances by traffic dept that no fines will be imposed in first month, says CTA general secy

Rajanbir Singh

Chandigarh : With restrictions imposed on the entry of heavy vehicles coming to Chandigarh from other states since February 1, transporters and traders say the new rules are causing hassles for them and are taking a toll on their businesses.

As per the move, movement of trucks, private buses and tractor trolleys carrying non-agricultural products is restricted in the city from 6am to 11pm, while school buses and other government and emergency vehicles have been excluded. Some roads in the periphery of the city have also been excluded from the new rules.

Although the UT traffic police had conducted two meetings with transporters before the rules were implemented on February 1, the Chandigarh Transport Association (CTA) general secretary, BL Sharma, feels that enough awareness has not been created.

“Trucks come to the UT from places as far as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. It is difficult for the traffic police’s awareness campaign to reach across to the transporters and traders there. To deal with this issue, arrangements should be made to park such trucks at the entrances of the city.”

Talking about the Zirakpur corridor, he said, “Parking trucks on the Zirakpur corridor is not allowed and there are chances of traffic jams if multiple trucks are stopped here.”

The CTA general secretary also said that he was concerned because “The traffic police have already started issuing challans for this, even though officials had assured transporters that emphasis would be laid on awareness and no challans would be issued in first month.

Manager of a transport firm, that operates between Delhi and the UT, Ram Kumar, said the new rules had been costing them both money and business.

“Traders demand to load our trucks in the evening but we can’t enter the city till 11pm. This causes inconvenience to them and we are losing our business because of these rules. Our trucks stay stationary on the Zirakpur corridor during the day daily. This also leads to huge traffic jams,” he said.

Jagtar Singh, who owns a fleet of trucks in Punjab, said the implementation of the rules wasn’t proper or around the clock. “Many times, trucks are able to get in and out of the city without being stopped, while at other times, truck owners are stopped and even harassed by the traffic cops posted on the city roads,” he said.

‘pay heed to micro enterprises’

Meanwhile, industrialists say the exclusion of trucks from the new rules hasn’t affected their business much “but the authorities need to listen to the feedback that the micro, small and medium enterprises of the region are giving to them.

‘No adverse feedback’

Confederation of Indian Industries’ president Sarvjeet Singh Virk said, “We haven’t received any adverse feedback, but it seems illogical to have these restrictions in place throughout the week. Traffic volume goes down on weekdays, hence, relaxation in the new rules can be considered.”


Within two weeks after the implementation of the new rules, the traffic police have issued two challans to truck drivers violating the rules.

Deputy superintendent of police (DSP, traffic administration), Kewal Krishan, said, “The volume of traffic in Chandigarh is increasing day-by-day. This measure was adopted as roads cannot be widened further. Truck drivers often endanger the lives of pedestrians and cyclists which is why their timings have been restricted.”

He also said that they are receiving favourable feedback from residents and will continue the drive.


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