Friday, February 21, 2020
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Arson at Capt Abhimanyu’s house: Accused clash outside court complex

January 28, 2020 05:58 AM


HT Correspondent

Panchkula : One of the accused in the case pertaining to arson at former finance minister Capt Abhimanyu’s house in Rohtak during the Jat quota violence in 2016 was reportedly assaulted by a group of other accused named in the same case during a clash outside the judicial complex court here on Monday.

There was chaos at the judicial complex area for some time after Rajesh Rukhi, who was hit in the head, alleged that he was assaulted by a group of other accused in the case.

Police have registered a case against Ashok Balhara and other unidentified persons on the basis of a complaint filed by Rukhi.

A counter case against Rukhi and others has also been registered on a complaint lodged by Pawan Kumar, driver of Balhara. The complainants have accused each other of unprovoked assault.

SHO Rajeev Kumar said both the cases have been registered under Section 323 (assault) and Section 506 (threatening of life).

There is said to be a rift among the accused with one of the group openly blaming the other for “first misleading them into getting involved in the Jat stir and later abandoning them to fend for themselves”.

The case pertaining to arson at Capt Abhimanyu’s house is under trial in the CBI court here since 2017 after it was transferred from the district court, Rohtak, where it was initially under trial three years ago.

Out of the total 60 accused in the case, as many as 55 appeared before the CBI court on Monday. The next hearing has been fixed for February 6 to hear arguments on framing of charges against the accused, counsel Satish Kadian said.

Meanwhile, Panchkula Bar Association president, Pramod Bhardwaj told HT that the bar had also given a written complaint to police as four vehicles belonging to lawyers were damaged in the scuffle between unidentified persons.

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