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CHANDIGARH-Tariff revised, power bills to go up from next month MC To Get ₹15cr Through Power Cess

January 23, 2020 06:02 AM


Tariff revised, power bills to go up from next month
MC To Get ₹15cr Through Power Cess


Get ready to pay extra for power bills from February onwards, as the Chandigarh municipal corporation has paid Rs 15 lakh to the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) to revise powers bills of all segments, namely residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

The NIELIT prepares both electricity and water bills of the consumers and charges for the same from the authorities concerned. Since the civic body is all set to incur approximately Rs 15 crore annually through this electricity cess, the authority has deposited consumers data of all segments to the agency for revision of bill amount.

“Since, the NIELIT has to change the entire software to add additional money in every segment of consumer, it is a tedious exercise. They have asked us to pay Rs 15 lakh for making the changes and doing the related work for revision in the software, which we have done. Now the electricity cess will be imposed from the month of February. This Rs 15 lakh is one-time fee, as once the changes have been made in the software, the same will be continue,” said an MC official.

Since electricity wing of the engineering department of the Chandigarh administration deals with power bills, the power cess money will first go to the electricity wing and they will further give the cess of around Rs 15 crore to the MC.

As per the records of the electricity department, Chandigarh has around 2.23 lakh power connections of all categories namely residential, commercial, institutional and industrial.

The notification of the electricity cess was done after approval of the Punjab governor and UT administrator over a month ago. Since both Punjab and Haryana have already incurring the power cell, MC took the idea from there to earn the money

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