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गाय की राजनीति पर नहीं, गाय की हालत पर ध्यान दे बीजेपीः भूपेंद्र सिंह हुड्डादिल्ली: भजनपुरा इलाके में कोचिंग सेंटर की छत गिरी, मलबे में दबकर 11 छात्र घायलजम्मू-कश्मीर: त्राल में सुरक्षाबलों से मुठभेड़ में दो आतंकी हुए ढेरAP: कृष्णा जिले के श्रीकाकुलम गांव में 10वीं का एक छात्र स्कूल में मृत मिलादिल्ली: अमित शाह बोले- हम बीजेपी वाले हैं, वोट बैंक की राजनीति नहीं करतेअमित शाह बोले- कांग्रेस और आप दिल्ली को सुरक्षित नहीं रख सकतेदिल्ली: राष्ट्रीय मतदाता दिवस पर चुनाव आयोग का कार्यक्रम आज, शामिल होंगे राष्ट्रपतिपंजाब: CAA-NRC के खिलाफ खालसा दल और शिरोमणि अकाली दल ने आज बुलाया बंद

JJP’s Dhanak rewarded for his loyalty Was 1st To Stand By Dushyant After Expulsion From INLD

November 15, 2019 05:44 AM


JJP’s Dhanak rewarded for his loyalty
Was 1st To Stand By Dushyant After Expulsion From INLD


JJP’s Uklana MLA Anoop Singh Dhanak, who was inducted as minister in state government, has been awarded for his loyalty to Dushyant Chautala. Dhanak was first INLD MLA who stood by Dushyant when he was expelled from INLD by his grandfather and former CM O P Chautala. Although a petition seeking his disqualification from the membership of the state assembly was also filed against him by INLD leader Abhay Chautala, he continued his support to Dushyant. Later, he was even disqualified from the House by the speaker for joining Dushyant’s camp.

Dhanaka has been elected from Uklana (SC) seat of Hisar district for the second time consecutively. A native of Rajli village in Hisar, he was once selected for constable’s post but he joined politics and remained a loyal soldier of Dushyant’s father Ajay Chautala. A graduate in humanities from Jat college in Hisar, he had also served as INLD’s general secretary and at various other posts.

Dhanak has been inducted as minister of state and would be allotted one of the departments allocated to his leader and deputy CM Dushyant Chautala. With his elevation as minister, Dushyant has also tried to give representation to scheduled caste community, as four of his 10 MLAs belong to the community.

Sources, however, said two of JJP’s MLAs — Ram Kumar Gautam and Ishwar Singh — were unhappy over their non-inclusion in the cabinet. Gautam, who had defeated former finance minister Capt Abhimanyu was highly confident of his inclusion in the ministry for being “Brahmin” face of JJP and because of his seniority. Source said Dushyant was in favour of Gautam’s inclusion in the cabinet but there were some strong dissent on his name from senior BJP leaders, including Captain Abhimanyu.

Ishwar Singh, a former MP who has been representing JJP from Guhla (SC), was also expecting a ministerial berth on account his seniority. Sources also confirmed that Tohana MLA Davinder Babli, who defeated state BJP chief Subhash Barala is also expecting some position in the government

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