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Fearing crumbling roof, power staff in UP wear hel

November 08, 2019 04:50 AM


Fearing crumbling roof, power staff in UP wear helmets
Shailvee Sharda & Arindam Ghosh TNN


Fearing injury from the dilapidated ceiling of their office, employees in Banda district office of the UP Power Corporation Limited have started wearing helmets to their workplace. Located in Peeli Kothi area, the part of the building in shambles is the metre reading lab of the electricity department.

The move, which was also seen as a protest against the apathy of the authorities towards their pending demand for a repair, caught attention of authorities when pictures of the employees wearing helmets went viral on social media. Soon, officials ordered an immediate repair of the building. However, they said the work would take about a week.

“Our request for repair is pending since June 2017. Skipping office is not an option so we decided to take precautions,” said one of the employees.

The photographs of the office speak volumes about the poor working condition. Remains of the rotting wooden false ceiling hangs over their head along with electrical wires.

One of the employees shared that a couple of months ago, a female visitor had a miraculous escape. “A huge chunk of the false ceiling fell upon her along with some debris, ” claimed a clerk.

Keshav Kumar Bharadwaj, chief engineer,said, “The matter has come to my notice. We are taking immediate action, it will be repaired within a week”

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