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Gun-wielding snatchers chase, injure couple in CP

September 21, 2019 05:22 AM

courtesy HT SEPT 21

Gun-wielding snatchers chase, injure couple in CP

Shiv Sunny

New Delhi : A couple was injured after falling off their scooter while allegedly being chased by two gun-wielding snatchers on a motorcycle on the streets of central Delhi’s Connaught Place in the early hours of Friday, the police said.

The 33-year-old woman pillion rider, Amrita Bohra, suffered a fractured shoulder,and her husband Vinod Singh Bhandari, 34, was left with bruised limbs, the police said. Bohra is an executive with a private firm and Bhandari is employed with a hotel.

The incident happened in Lutyens’ Delhi, considered the most secure police district in the national Capital. The incident comes just three days after the 54-year-old wife of a policeman was seriously injured while fighting off snatchers who tried to grab her gold chain outside the Delhi Zoo on Tuesday morning.

According to data on the Delhi Police website, 4,273 cases of snatching were reported till August (18 cases every day). Last year, during the same duration, 4,410 snatching cases were reported.

On Friday, during the 2-km-long chase that lasted for over five minutes, Bohra said she unsuccessfully tried to get rid of the snatchers by throwing her gold chain towards them.

“But the snatchers picked up the chain and continued chasing us till we met with an accident, and fell off our scooter in the Outer Circle of Connaught Place,” she said.

A case of robbery was registered at the Connaught Place police station in connection with Friday’s incident, said Eish Singhal, deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi). “We have formed many police teams, rounded up some suspects, and are scanning CCTV footage to crack the case,” said Singhal.

The couple live in south Delhi’s Neb Sarai. The incident happened at 5.35am on Friday while they were riding their two-wheeler to New Delhi railway station from where Bohra was to board a train to Rampur in Uttar Pradesh.

Bhandari said that they were at a traffic junction on Hailey Road, close to Connaught Place, when they were intercepted by the two men on a motorcycle who made an unsuccessful bid to grab Bohra’s chain.

“We tried to escape by riding away even as the snatchers attempted to pull my wife off the scooter. But as I took Tolstoy Road to reach the Janpath traffic junction, the pillion rider pulled out a pistol. It was then that my wife threw her gold chain towards them,” said Bhandari.

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