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Court’s observations not to affect cop career adversely’ Lower Court Judge Had Pulled Up IPS Officer For Not Wearing Uniform

August 25, 2019 06:15 AM


Court’s observations not to affect cop career adversely’
Lower Court Judge Had Pulled Up IPS Officer For Not Wearing Uniform


The Punjab and Haryana high court has said that the observation made by the judge of a lower court in Haryana against a young IPS officer in January 2018 for not wearing uniform before him during the hearing of a case, “shall not be treated as adverse remarks towards the service career of the cop”.

HC has passed these orders while disposing of a petition filed by Sumer Pratap Singh, an IPS officer of Haryana cadre. He had sought directions to set aside the January 11, 2018, orders passed by then Kaithal district and sessions judge M M Dhonchak and to expunge the unwarranted remarks/ warnings or observations recorded in the order.

In his plea, the young IPS had argued that the judge condemned him having committed the offence under section 228 (intentional insult or interruption to public servant sitting in judicial proceeding) of IPC without following the procedure prescribed in law.

“The judge proceeded to hold the petitioner guilty in an imperial style as if in exercise of the divine rights ascribed to the emperors of the past ages. The procedural is, to say the least, entirely unknown to the law and flagrantly violative of all provisions and principles,” the cop had argued in his petition.

The petitioner cop also submitted a July 2005 circular issued by Haryana DGP office in which directions were issued to all police officers posted in police headquarters, railways, telecom etc (except CID) shall compulsorily wear uniform for full day on every Monday and in the first half of every Friday.

“Having considered the above facts and taking into consideration the above instructions, this court is of the considered view that the petitioner was not required to be in official uniform as the date fixed — January 11, 2018 was Saturday. In any case, the petitioner had already tendered his apology which was duly accepted by learned trial judge. In view of the above, the present petition is disposed of with observation that any observation recorded in the order dated January 11, 2018 shall not be treated as adverse remarks towards the service career of the petitioner,” observed the HC.

Singh, who had served SP Kaithal in the past, had appeared in civil dress before Dhonchak as prosecution witness in relation to a criminal case. On being asked why he was not in police uniform, Singh cited an administrative order according to which he was supposed to wear uniform only on Monday and first half of Friday.

“I was rudely reprimanded by the judge in the open court for not appearing in uniform. I tried to explain my position politely but the judge said in a loud and commanding voice — you apologize, otherwise I will throw you behind bars,” said the officer in his plea.


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