Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Minister Dhankar seeks CBI probe, writes to Khattar

June 16, 2019 05:45 AM


Minister Dhankar seeks CBI probe, writes to Khattar
DADRI GRAFT CASE Locals pointed out to Dhankar that RTA officials were ‘minting money’ from overloaded freight vehicles
Our government has always dealt with instances of corruption in a stern manner. And no one should get away in this case also. OP DHANKAR , Haryana agriculture minister

ROHTAK : Haryana agriculture minister OP Dhankar on Friday shot off a letter to chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, seeking CBI investigation in a corruption case allegedly involving an IAS officer couple.

Dhankar, who visited Dadri to attend a meeting of district grievance redressal committee on Thursday, was coerced into giving assurance to a vociferous crowd of residents who spoke of rampant corruption by the regional transport authority (RTA) officials.

The locals including a group of lawyers had pointed out how RTA officials minted money from the overloaded freight vehicles.

In his communication to the chief minister, Dhankar said: “Our government has always dealt with instances of corruption in a stern manner. And no one should get away in this case also. You should strike hard on the corrupt.”


Last month, Rohtak police had recovered about ₹63 lakh unaccounted cash from two RTA officials of Dadri and registered a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act after arresting two RTA officials and two others.

Police said that money was allegedly collected by RTA officials from overloaded freight vehicles and middlemen were deployed to facilitate cash collection. “The collection was documented in an excel sheet. Those who paid were allowed to go scot-free by the RTA officials deployed to check overloaded freight vehicles,” police said.

Police officials investigating the case said following the questioning of the arrested officials, the needle of suspicion turned towards the then deputy commissioner of Charkhi Dadri Ajay Singh Tomer and his wife Sangeeta Tetarwal, the then additional deputy commissioner and secretary, RTA, Charkhi Dadri.

Both were shifted out and were not given fresh postings due to their suspected role in the episode.

A special investigation team (SIT) looking into the graft case has served notices on the husband-wife duo to join probe in the case. However, citing family reasons, the counsel for the IAS couple expressed their inability to appear personally before the cops. The couple has been asked to appear before the SIT headed by Rohtak SP Jashandeep Singh Randhawa on June 20. Police had also arrested Tomer’s personal assistant Suresh Kumar.


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