Monday, October 21, 2019
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TOI EDIT -My Brother’s Keeper Priyanka puts the blame on …

June 15, 2019 05:26 AM


My Brother’s Keeper
Priyanka puts the blame on …
In the uncertainty that surrounds Congress leadership right now, with Rahul Gandhi said to be reluctant to continue as president and other party leaders equally reluctant to accept his resignation, one theory doing the rounds is that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will take over from him. This would of course underline the Nehru-Gandhi ‘naamdar’ sense of entitlement, which is widely calculated as a liability now. An equally important question is, exactly what does Priyanka bring to the table?

Her stint as party general secretary responsible for eastern Uttar Pradesh has been an all-round disaster. Of course when she was anointed to this post in January, it was to the highest expectations. Some charismatic public encounters certainly fed her fans’ frenzy. But it was a dribs and drabs affair. One thing that has proven golden though is the sister-brother relationship. Perhaps it was an unwillingness to put her brother’s leadership under the microscope that led her to put the blame on party workers instead, this week in Rae Bareli.

In what has been characterised as an angry speech, she declared she would find out which workers did not work seriously for the party, in effect suggesting that responsibility for Congress’s humiliating performance in Amethi and other parts of Uttar Pradesh should be shouldered by the cadre. Countless management books would tell her, only a poor leader shirks blame. A good leader takes responsibility. There is no upside to sapping an already demoralised party cadre

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