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‘Haryana prof exam questions cut-paste job from handbook’

May 27, 2019 05:06 AM


‘Haryana prof exam questions cut-paste job from handbook’


Unbelievable, but true: 92 of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQ) asked in a state-level examination were exactly the same, and in the same sequence, as those in the question papers for the same examination a few years ago.

The screening test for assistant professors (English) was conducted by the Haryana Public Service Commission at Panchkula on May 23.

A look at the UGC Net exam’s question papers for 2012 and 2013 shows that 92 of the total number of questions in the two-hour test held this year were taken straight out of the papers for those two years. The advertisement (1/ 2019) for recruitment of 81 assistant professors this year was published on March 8.

The examinees have objected to the repeating of questions and have sent an email to the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) chairman for necessary action. They have said that the 92 repeated questions are easily available in the public domain and that they appeared this year in the same sequence as they did in the 2012 and 2013 UGC NET exams.

“It indicates towards (sic) an apparent malpractice to extend indirect help to specific individuals. The practice of copy-paste has been adopted blindly by the paper setter. Many of the questions from previous papers were included in (the) May 23 test in continuity and even (the) options are the same,” the email said.

According to the examinees who have objected, these questions have simply been lifted from 20 pages of a particular UGC NET Helpbook, which, they claim, may have been done to promote a publication house. He said at least 50 candidates who took the test held a meeting in Kurukshetra on Sunday and decided to approach the Punjab and Haryana high court seeking cancellation of the test. He said a letter highlighting the discrepancies has already been emailed to the HPSC chair man.

On being contacted, HPSC chairman Manbir Singh Bhadana said it was the prerogative of paper setters to select questions of their choice in the manner they wish. “Our job is to select the best paper setters from the country and the rest of the job is done by them without any interference from our side,” he said.

On being told about the “copy-paste job” in the May 23 exam, he said he could not do much about the setting of question papers.On being told about the discrepancies, HPSC secretary Nishant Yadav said he was not aware of it and that he would have the matter examined. “As per practice, we seek objections from candidates relating to exams,” he added.


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