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May 22, 2019 06:23 AM


NEW DELHI: From the next academic session, Indian Institutes of Management aspirants may no longer have to appear for separate interviews for admission to different IIMs. Instead, right after clearing the written CAT, they may be asked to appear for a single centralised interview and secure admission based on the final score. This and other suggestions will come up for consideration as the coordination forum of the IIMs holds its first-ever meeting in the Capital on Wednesday.

At present, each IIM has its own interview process on its separate campus on the basis of which it selects the candidates. The selection criteria also differs from one institute to other. “For example, some institutes lay emphasis on diversity, others do not,” said a senior Central government official.

“It is likely that the issue related to a common admission process may come up (in the meeting). Apart from this greater cooperation among these institutes is another area which will be discussed,” the official added.

The idea is to lesson the burden on students who have to travel to different places and appear before separate panels, said another official.

“There is a view that institutes conduct separate interview processes to ensure that they get the candidates best suited to them. However, this often leads to long waiting lists and arduous admission procedure. The aim is to explore if there is a way to make the process simpler and more student-friendly,” the second official explained. Another item on the agenda is to consider common subscription of journals, both local and international, by these institutes, which could lead to substantial saving of costs.

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