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Me too’ can’t become a ‘sullying you too’ campaign: Delhi HC

May 17, 2019 05:06 AM


Me too’ can’t become a ‘sullying you too’ campaign: Delhi HC

New Delhi:

The Delhi high court has ruled that stirring the embers of the “me too” campaign by continuously republishing articles based on sexual harassment complaints, where women remained anonymous, violates a man’s right to privacy, inherent to which are his right to be forgotten and be left alone.

“The ‘me too’ campaign cannot become a ‘sullying you too’ campaign forever. If republication is permitted to go on continuously, the plaintiff’s rights will be severely jeopardised,” Justice Pratibha M Singh said while granting a stay on the republication of articles against the managing director of a media house. A well-known digital platform published two articles in October last year against the man on the basis of harassment complaints received by it as part of the “me too” campaign.

Accused had moved HC against republication of same articles

The three individuals who levelled charges against the man remained anonymous.

The man had moved the HC against republication of the same articles claiming that he was a well-known media personality and had undergone enormous torture and grief due to the “baseless allegations”.

On December 14 last year, the HC had restrained republication of the articles and five days later, the web portal and author of the articles undertook to take down the two articles. On May 9, the managing director’s counsel pointed out to the HC that the articles published on the web portal had been picked up by another digital platform. Justice Singh said in her order, “The three individuals having chosen to remain anonymous and the publisher of the articles having chosen to pull down the said articles, further republication of the same is liable to be restrained. The campaign also ought not to become an unbridled and unending campaign against an individual with other platforms picking up the pulled down content through archived material

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