Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Uttar Pradesh

Embryologist from Ggn ‘gangraped’ by FB friend, 3 others

April 23, 2019 05:33 AM


Embryologist from Ggn ‘gangraped’ by FB friend, 3 others


A 28-year-old Gurgaon-based embryologist has alleged gangrape by four Baghpat youths, one of whom had befriended her on Facebook.

According to the police, the survivor was abducted from a mall at gunpoint and taken to a shooting range in Baraut where she was forced to dance in a “semi-nude” state. Police said the accused took her to Binauli region of Baghpat where they took turns to rape her.

The survivor approached Baghpat police on Sunday evening to file an FIR against Vipin Tomar, Ashish Balyan, Taranjit and Amit Munjal. Police have arrested Vipin and Ashish while the other two are on the run. The woman was later sent for medical examination.

According to police sources, the survivor accepted a friend request four years ago from Vipin, a resident of Arifpur Kheri village under Binoli police station in Baghpat, on Facebook. The complainant later decided to meet Vipin at Pacific Mall in Gurgaon on April 17 after multiple requests from the accused. Vipin allegedly abducted her from the mall with the help of his three other friends and brought her to a Baraut-based shooting range.

The woman, in her statement, alleged that first she was forced to dance in “semi-nude” state and was later taken to Vipin’s home where she was given “some intoxicating drink” and gangraped. According to the FIR, the crime occurred on April 17 afternoon after which she had to “endure physical torture for the entire night only to be released the following day after which she was driven back to Pacific Mall to be abandoned with a demand of Rs 30 lakh”. On Sunday evening, the woman mustered courage and reached Binoli police station to file a police complaint.

According to additional SP Ranvijay Singh, “An FIR has been filed. Medical exam of the woman could not conclusively confirm rape, so observations have been sent to forensic lab for further investigation.”


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