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Father will serve you honestly, assures Brijendra’s daughter

April 22, 2019 06:24 AM


Father will serve you honestly, assures Brijendra’s daughter
Vjender Kumar TNN


The family of politician Birender Singh’s son Brijendra Singh have launched a campaign to seek votes for him in the Lok Sabha poll to be held on May 12. Hisar Lok Sabha candidate Brijendra’s daughter Kudrat sought votes for her father in Uchana segment on Sunday.

Kudrat in her address said her father was well educated and a hard worker who would serve people after winning the election along with her grandfather Birender Singh.

She added that when she canvassed for her patriarchs during past elections she got love and affection from public, therefore she loved to visit villages for seeking votes.

Kudrat started her canvassing from Uchana segment and visited Surbra, Daroli, Nachar Khera and Mangalpur villages.

Talking to mediapersons, Kudrat, who has just given her Class XII exam, said she had canvassed for votes for her grandfather Birender Singh in 2009 and for her grandmother in 2014, who is a BJP MLA.

She added that she believed that her father would do better in politics as he had also done his job as an IAS officer honestly.

Addressing a gathering, Hisar MLA Prem Lata said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the best option in the country under present circumstances.

Lashing out at Kuldeep Bishnoi for announcing in his address that he would make Hisar the capital of Haryana if voted to power, she said his father Bhajan Lal had been the chief minister (CM) of the state for 11 years and did nothing, so he was also making fake promises to people.

There are more than 15 lakh voters in the Hisar Lok Sabha constituency, of which 8,40,185 are male and 7,18,096 are females

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