Monday, August 26, 2019
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INLD names owner of software firm who was based in US for Gurgaon seat

April 22, 2019 05:05 AM


Abhishek Behl
INLD names owner of software firm who was based in US for Gurgaon seat
GURUGRAM: The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) has named Virender Rana, the owner of a software company owner who was earlier based in the US, as its candidate from the Gurgaon parliamentary constituency for the ongoing general elections. From Bajghera village in Gurugram, Rana has a software company with offices in the US, UK and India. He said he wanted Gurugram to continue being an IT and BPO destination, despite challenges posed by other countries.

An INLD spokesperson said Rana has been proposed as the party candidate from Gurgaon because he is a leading IT business expert and understands the requirements of the city and the region. “He is exposed to rural culture and has had a long stint abroad, and has been chosen for these reasons,” the spokesperson said.

Rana told Hindustan Times that he had completed an engineering degree from a college in India and obtained his MBA degree from a university in California in the United States, and stayed there from 1996, until 2011, which was when he decided to return to India.

“I have stayed in Gurugram over the past few years, and it has made me realise the problems being faced by the common person, as well as businesses. Infrastructure is in a bad shape, pollution is high, and there is so solution to manage solid waste,” he said.

Because of these reasons, he said, IT firms and BPO industries are shifting to Phillipines and other countries. He added that these departures were a major loss for the state as well as the country.

“The politicians who have been representing the area need to say what they have done. Why is the condition of the city so bad? If I get elected, I will work to change the situation and make Gurugram an affordable world-class destination once again,” he said

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