Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Auspicious time doesn’t wait for Khattar

April 21, 2019 08:43 AM


Auspicious time doesn’t wait for Khattar
Sat Singh TNN


Imagine a party candidate not even waiting for education minister and chief minister to accompany him for filing his nomination only to ensure that auspicious time prescribed for doing so is not missed.

MP from Bhiwani-Mahendergarh and BJP candidate Dharambir Singh filed his nomination on Thursday exactly at 11.15am adhering to the most auspicious time mentioned by his family priest to win the elections.

Dharambir did not wait for education minister and Mahendergarh MLA Rambilas Sharma and chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar who were to accompany him for filing his nomination as they were running a bit late. While minister Sharma was delayed by two minutes, CM Khattar reached the venue after a delay of an hour. After the nomination was filed, both sought votes for Dharambir.

With the hope of upping his winnability, Dharambir reached Mini-Secretariat to file his nomination in his three-decade old Maruti Zen car considered to bring him good luck in the elections. However, seeing him in the old car, some of his supporters were confused. However, the senior ones knew that Dharambir prefers riding in the car when he is out for filing his nomination. “Dharambir is a grounded man and this act of his is a reminder to himself for where he started his political career from,” said one of the senior supporters of BJP MP Dharambir Singh.

Inder Kumar, another supporter said Dharambir has been four time MLA from Tosham and Sohana seats and became Cabinet rank minister and one time MP when he got elected in 2014. “Before ticket announcement, he goes to Khatu Shyam temple in Rajasthan. He goes to the temple again after receiving ticket, to express his gratitude to the god,” he said.

Dharambir once lost a prestigious election in 1980s and after consultation with a family priest, was asked to wear only saffron kurta and visit the said temple before any auspicious task. He followed the advice religiously.

After filing nomination on Thursday, Dharambir accompanying education minister Ram Bilas Sharma travelled to the rally site in his Maruti Zen, where CM Khattar and Ram Bilas Sharma addressed gathering for him. In 2005, when he was not given ticket from Bhiwani district, he had shifted to Sohna constituency in Gurugram and went to file nomination in the said car only.

Talking to media, Dharambir Singh who is contesting heavyweight Congress candidate Shruti Choudhry, granddaughter of Bansi Lal, said he believes in following religiously whatever he has faith in. “My Maruti Zen is my lucky mascot. I go to Khatu Shyam temple and have been wearing saffron kurta from the past two decades as it brings good luck to me,” he added.


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