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GURGAON-Far from the chaos of urban life

April 21, 2019 04:52 AM


Sonali Verma
Far from the chaos of urban life

Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, this condo give its residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising on the conveniences of modern life

GURUGRAM: Residents of Alpha Corp Gurgaonone, a condominium spread over

The condominium was built around a year ago and is partially occupied at present.
12.5 acres in Sector 84, said they leave the dusty, chaotic city behind when they come home to the sound of water from the fountains and the sight of vertical gardens at the entrance of the condo.

“The area is devoid of any traffic noise. You can hear the birds singing in the mornings and see the peacocks dancing,” a resident said, adding the quiet is why senior citizens such as him enjoy the place.

The condominium was built around a year ago, and is currently partially occupied. Most residents travel a good distance to work every day, but don’t mind the commute. “Though there is no public transport, we have pre-booked shuttles that take us to our workplaces in the city. And once you get on the highway, it doesn’t take too long,” said a resident who commutes to MG Road, which is around

16 kilometres from the condominium. The area, which is still developing slowly, has a market at a walking distance, schools for all age groups and a movie theatre. Inside Gurgaonone, a small grocery shop and parlour take care of daily needs and indulgences, said residents. Sumit Rana, who moved to the condominium in October last year, said there’s plenty to do inside Gurgaonone and he doesn’t need to step out.

The condominium has a swimming pool and a trainer teaches people of all ages. Skating classes for children are also held daily. Recently, taekwondo training was given to children. Gurgaonone has a yoga room with a view of well-manicured lawns, a gymnasium, a squash court, a basketball court, and indoor and outdoor badminton courts. All the eight towers have walkways adjacent to them. Residents said thanks to the presence of trees and greenery around, the air quality also feels better than the quality in the main city.

Residents here use a mobile application to keep a tab on their electricity consumption. They can use the same application to enter details of visitors and provide entry. A residents’ emergency management team has been tasked with fire management and elevator management, among other tasks. Trainings on elevator safety and fire safety are held frequently. Blood donation camps and health camps are a regular feature. The condominium has vast underground parking, but space for guest parking is available in front of each tower. Apartments are connected with an intercom facility, and residents are notified of visitors from the gate by the security staff.

Events at Gurgaonone are held at the open-air amphitheatre and include games for the children, food stalls, dancing and singing. Holi is a three-day-long affair in the condo and includes lunch and dancing every day, said residents.

Every morning, a flag hoisting ceremony takes place at the condominium. The security staff, along with a few residents of the towers, hoist the national flag diligently, and take it down before retiring for the day.

The condominium has recently taken a number of steps to go green. Segregation of waste began recently, and trainings are being conducted by the residents’ welfare association(rwa) to sensitise residents. Recycled water is used for horticulture, and also in the flushing lines. Gurgaonone has 15 water harvesting pits, which replenish the groundwater.


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