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In Hry, ‘pakoras’ out of politicians’ reach

April 20, 2019 05:41 AM


In Hry, ‘pakoras’ out of politicians’ reach
Kumar Mukesh TNN


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion in January last year that earning Rs 200 from selling ‘pakoras’ every day is business might just end up finding some acceptance in Haryana this election season. This is because the Haryana chief electoral officer (CEO) has — in the rate list set for upcoming Lok Sabha election expenses— set Rs 15 as the cost for a piece of ‘bread pakora’, much less than the Rs 10-priced piece of samosa and cup of tea.

In neighbouring Punjab, the price of a bread pakora is Rs 10 a piece, a cup of tea is Rs 8 and samosa is Rs 10 a piece. In reply to a question on rising unemployment in January last year, Modi had said during a television interview: “If a person selling pakodas earns Rs 200 at the end of the day, will it be considered employment or not?”

Modi’s statement came under criticism from the opposition. Vikash Godara, who is fighting the Lok Sabha election from Hisar parliamentary seat, said pakoras had become brand a brand because of the PM’s statement on how a person earning Rs 200 daily by selling them should be called employed. “Because of this, they are costlier. My workers will eat both pakoras and samosas,” he said.

On the other hand, Jannayak Janata Party, whose leader Dushyant Chautala is the outgoing MP from Hisar, is not likely to be serving pakoras this time around. “Our workers prefer dal-roti,” said JJP Hisar president Tarun Jain.

Similarly, the price of sweets has been fixed at Rs 335 per kg and a litre of a cold drink is Rs 60. Though the rate of a litre of juice is fixed at Rs 100, the cost of a person’s refreshment has been setat Rs 50.

Plastic flags have been prohibited. However, if a leader uses one, he or she will have to pay the price of Rs 8 per square foot. The rate of an election office’s rent has been set at Rs 12,500 per month.

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