Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Don got bizman smuggled into his jail cell, assaulted by goons: UP to SC

April 12, 2019 06:38 AM


Don got bizman smuggled into his jail cell, assaulted by goons: UP to SC

New Delhi:

The UP government on Thursday admitted before the Supreme Court that dreaded don and ex-Samajwadi Party MP Ateeq Ahmed had engineered the abduction of businessman Mohit Jaiswal in December and got him assaulted in his cell inside Deoria jail.

The audacious abduction and assault created ripples after it was reported in TOI and other newspapers and the SC had taken cognisance of the TOI story and sought a report from the UP government.

Admitting to the incident inside Deoria jail, the state government said Ahmed was shifted to Bareilly district jail after the incident as an inquiry found the jail superintendent and other officials complicit in allowing the don’s goons to take the businessman inside the prison cell. Ahmed is facing 109 cases of which 17 are for murder, 12 under UP Gangsters Act, eight under Arms Act and four under UP Goondas Act.

The inquiry report said Ahmed and his gang had been pressurising Jaiswal to part with money and his refusal had led to his abduction and assault before the jailed don. “During interrogation, jail staff and prisoners denied the assault but a joint team after inquiry found that some CCTV cameras inside the jail premises were tampered with and persons meeting with Ateeq Ahmed had been granted relaxation in violation of rules,” the report said.

Amicus curiae Vijay Hansaria and advocate Sneha Kalita informed a bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi that according to the Allahabad HC report, several cases were pending against Ahmed for a long time without charges being framed by trial courts.

The report said disciplinary action was initiated against two guards and a deputy jailor of Deoria jail for allowing unauthorised entry of Ahmed’s goons along with the kidnapped businessman. Acting as amicus curiae in a PIL filed by Ashwini Upadhyay that sought expeditious trial of accused politicians, Hansaria had brought the incident of abduction and assault to the SC’s notice.

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