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Mastermind behind attack on Gurugram Muslim family held

March 25, 2019 06:26 AM


Mastermind behind attack on Gurugram Muslim family held
Police said they arrested Dhirendra outside whose dairy suspects allegedly assembled before the attack on Holi
From page 01 The police on Sunday night arrested a suspect identified as Dhirendar, alias Dhire, who owns a dairy in Nayagaon village, in connection with the attack on a Muslim family in Dhumaspur village on March 21.

Outside the house of the family that was assaulted on Thursday, in Bhoop Nagar village. The family claimed that the windows were broken by the attackers.
Subhash Boken, spokesperson, city police, said that Dhirendar was the alleged mastermind behind the attack and it was at his dairy that the other suspects had assembled before allegedly attacking the family.

“He had called up the other suspects over the phone to the dairy,” said Boken.

Members of the family who were attacked said a gunshot had been fired during the incident.

On Sunday, the family members at the home of Mohammad Sajid, in Dhumaspur village of Bhondsi, alleged that one of the suspects had fired a gunshot at a family member who was recording a video of the attackers from the terrace.

Sajid’s nephew, Mohammad Dilshaad (32), whose left arm was fractured in the attack, said, “My sister, who made a video of the attackers, told us today (Sunday) that a gunshot was fired by a man wearing a white shirt. The bullet hit an electrical wire and ricocheted off the wire, hitting the wall next to shattered glass panes. At the time of the incident, the noise of the gunshot was drowned in the commotion. We have shared video evidence with the police.”

The police, however, said that a preliminary probe did not find any evidence of a gun being fired.

Himanshu Garg, the deputy commissioner of police (DCP), south, said that in the initial complaint, there was no mention of a gunshot, adding that if family members believe a gun was fired, the police will make it a part of their investigation.

Three days after members of the family, including children, were assaulted with sticks, water pipes, batons and iron rods, the police have been able to make only two arrests despite identifying several suspects.

The police have identified suspects from a video that was shared widely on social media. The police had arrested one suspect, Mukesh Kumar, a resident of Nayagaon, located over 1.5 kilometres from Dhumaspur, on Friday night.

Deputy commissioner of police Garg said, “Multiple teams of the police are conducting raids and some clues have been received, but they cannot be shared with the media at present.

The claims of religious slurs and the suspects telling the family to go to Pakistan are yet to be verified.”

In the police complaint, Dilshaad had alleged that the suspects had asked his family and relatives to “Go to Pakistan and play cricket.”

On March 21 on Holi, around 5pm, a group of men, some of whom were inebriated, had allegedly barged into Sajid’s house and attacked the family members with sticks, batons, pipes and iron rods. Some members of the family had fled to the terrace and children hid in an almirah.

At least 12 family members were injured.

The incident had started with an altercation when some of the boys from Sajid’s extended family were playing cricket and the ball had allegedly hit one of the attackers.

Meanwhile, members of different communities, comprising 36 groups led by the Muslim Ekta Manch, a social organisation, demanded quick police action.

Shehzad Khan, chairman of the Muslim Ekta Manch, Gurugram, said the police probe has been inefficient. “It has been more than three days since the violent attack. The police had assured us that those responsible would be arrested at the earliest.”

Four members of the victim family were admitted to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital on Sunday.

Mohammad Sajid, who had sustained injuries to his right arm, head and stomach, Irshad (neck, head injuries), Shadab (head injury) and Shakrina were admitted. Akhtar, a relative, said that Irshad had been vomiting and feeling nauseous. “They were shifted so that they could get better and timely treatment,” said Akhtar

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