Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Justice Ghose takes over as Lokpal, NHRC in disarray

March 24, 2019 07:02 AM


Justice Ghose takes over as Lokpal, NHRC in disarray

New Delhi:

Justice P C Ghose resigned as member of the National Human Rights Commission on Friday to take oath as the country’s first Lokpal but this has left the apex human rights protection body in complete disarray and threatens to impede its functioning.

Protection of Human Rights Act was enacted in 1993 by Parliament for “better protection of human rights” and the NHRC and state human rights commissions were set up under this. The NHRC is statutorily mandated to have a chairperson, who has to be a former Chief Justice of India, and two judicial members, one of whom would be a former SC judge and the other a former HC chief justice. In addition, it has two non-judicial members who have knowledge of, or practical experience in, matters relating to human rights.

With Justice Ghose’s resignation, the NHRC is left with a chairperson and former CJI H L Dattu, and a non-judicial member in advocate Jyotika Kalra. Appointed on February 29, 2016, Justice Dattu will demit office on December 2, 2020 when he turns 70. Kalra will be in office as a non-judicial member till April 4, 2022.

With vacancy of two judicial members and one non-judicial member, the NHRC will find it hard to discharge the function of looking into thousands of complaints about human rights violations from across India on a monthly basis

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