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Hry cabinet panel to define ‘quarter-final’ Move To Help Sportspersons On Job Fr

February 17, 2019 06:33 AM


Hry cabinet panel to define ‘quarter-final’
Move To Help Sportspersons On Job Front


The Haryana cabinet has constituted a sub-committee of three ministers to properly define the sports term “quarter-final” in the context of employment opportunities offered to all players under the state’s “Outstanding Sports Persons Policy.”

The cabinet sub-committee was set up after a discussion during the cabinet meeting on Wednesday on the agenda item related to the amendment to the Haryana Outstanding Sportspersons (Recruitment and Conditions of Service ) Rules, 2018.

The sports department had proposed special category of “quarter-finalist” to help outstanding sportspersons who have failed to win medals. The government has plans to give adequate employment compensation for such sportspersons.

“In fact, they are the ones who cannot be treated at par with the participants who could not win or were knocked out. Since all the sports have different kind of formats, hence definition of the term ‘quarter-final’ for the purpose of implementation of this scheme was necessary,’’ according to a senior official in the state’s sports department.

Haryana sports and youth affairs minister Anil Vij confirmed that a sub-committee of ministers has been constituted to clearly define the term ‘quarter-final’. The issue will be discussed in the cabinet after the sub-committee files its report.

“The sub-committee was constituted since there was confusion in a few instances on this issue. All this will bring transparency to the system and ensure that all sportspersons are adequately rewarded,” added Vij.

Haryana is the first state to formulate an official sports policy to provide employment opportunities to sportspersons according to their qualifications and achievements in national and international tournaments.

These employment opportunities comes along with cash rewards to the medal winners as well. Alleging disparity by the government, some of sportspersons had moved the Punjab and Haryana high court

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