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HUDA-HSVP makes property transfer easier

January 24, 2019 06:03 AM

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HSVP makes property transfer easier
PANCHKULA:The Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP formerly HUDA) has relaxed a number of conditions for plot allottees in the transactions related to property transfers.

The authority has decided to do away with the mandatory attendance of allottees at the estate office for applications received under the mortgage permission.

Similarly, the condition of nine-inch boundary wall has been removed for the transfer of vacant plots.

Now, allottees of vacant plots need not construct the wall for getting plot-transfer permissions from the estate offices. “It was observed that the condition was causing undue delay and

harassment of the allottees, so it was done away with,” said an HSVP official, on the condition of anonymity.

HSVP has also decided that property transfer of all identified cases of double/multiple plots

under reserved category will be blocked. For other allottees under the reserved categories (not in the list of identified cases), no separate scrutiny will be done.

“The decision was taken to ease the process of property transfer for allottees who have a single allotment in their name under the reserved categories. Such allottees were facing severe problems in property transfers,” said the official. The cases of multiple allotments to a single allottee in the reserved categories are under judicial scrutiny.

Earlier in a meeting of HSVP officials, chaired by HSVP chief administrator D Suresh, it was decided that all identified cases of double and multiple plot allotments to single allottees under reserved categories be blocked where the plots are still in the name of original allottees for future transactions.

Estate officers were instructed to certify that all such plots have been blocked in HSVP online plots and property management system (PPM)

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