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Abhay dares Dushyant, his mother to resign from posts

December 10, 2018 05:48 AM


Abhay dares Dushyant, his mother to resign from posts
Pradeep Sharma

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9

Leader of Opposition Abhay Chautala on Sunday dared Hisar MP Dushyant Chautala and his mother and MLA Naina Chautala to resign from their Lok Sabaha and Assembly seats, respectively, to test their popularity in byelections.
“Instead of asking other elected representatives to resign from the INLD, Dushyant and Naina should resign from their respective seats. While they are themselves clinging to their seats even after the formation of a new party, they are misleading other leaders to resign from the INLD,” he asserted.

“I fail to understand why Dushyant is not resigning from his Lok Sabha seat when he was not even a primary member of the INLD,” Abhay asked.

Reacting sharply to the formation of the new political outfit Jannayak Janata Dal (JJP) by Dushyant at Jind on Sunday, Abhay dismissed its formation claiming that it would ‘disintegrate’ soon as it was not founded on any ideology. Even today, a large number of leaders from the BJP and the Congress were seen at the Jind rally which suggested that the new party did not have any mass support, he said.

Training his guns on Dushyant, the Leader of the Opposition dared him to make his position clear on December 16 mayoral elections as he had founded a new political party. He wondered whether the new outfit would support the Congress or the BJP or prefer to stay neutral.

Earlier, Dushyant and Naina were at the receiving end at the INLD’s state working committee meeting which was called on the same day apparently to ‘scuttle’ the Jind rally.

Senior INLD leader Ram Pal Majra was unsparing in his criticism of the breakaway faction leaders saying it was ironic that while the INLD culture had always been to stand up for the right causes of the people and their rights, a new culture had developed where certain leaders had been asking people to stand up for the supposed rights of the children of such people.

Without naming Ajay Chautala, he said while his eldest son had achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest MP of the country because of the INLD and his wife was elected to the Vidhan Sabha on the INLD ticket. “The people of the state recognise the difference between struggle for the peoples’ interest and personal and selfish interests and would give a befitting response to such leaders at appropriate time,” he added.

Taking a dig at Dushyant, Abhay said Hisar MP and rebel BJP MP Raj Kumar Saini were the chips of the same block. Though both had formed their own political outfits, they were reluctant to resign from their parties apparently for the fear of losing their pensionary benefits

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