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HARYANA-Direct mayoral poll loses sheen

December 10, 2018 05:47 AM


Direct mayoral poll loses sheen
Parveen Arora

Tribune News Service

Karnal, December 9

The decision to hold direct elections to the Mayor’s post has taken sheen off the Municipal Corporation elections scheduled for December 16.
This has become evident from the fewer number of candidates filling nomination papers for the councillor’s post. The number has reduced by 193.

In the previous MC elections held in 2013, 288 candidates were in fray. This time, only 95 contestants will fight it out for 20 seats of a councillor.

Earlier, the Mayor was elected from among elected councillors.

Political experts say that earlier, every councillor had a chance to become a Mayor but, this time, voters will decide the Mayor.

They further say the state government has taken a bold step to stop horse-trading and maintain transparency.

The number of candidates has reduced in every ward.

As for the Mayor’s post, 11 candidates had applied. The nomination papers of two of them have been rejected, while one of them has withdrawn her name. Now, eight candidates are in the competition

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