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NHAI proposal to end Dwarka e­way impasse

November 09, 2018 05:16 AM


NHAI proposal to end Dwarka e­way impasse
The National Highways Authority of India has now agreed to transplant 9,000 out of the 13,690 trees that are proposed to be felled for the project
GURUGRAM: With the inauguration of the Kundli-manesar-palwal (KMP) Expressway scheduled on November 19, efforts are being made by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to resolve the current impasse over the Delhi package of the Dwarka Expressway so that construction work can start as soon as possible, officials of NHAI said.

The 9.5-km Delhi segment of the project is stuck because the forest department of the Delhi government is not enthused with the proposal of cutting over

13,000 trees on the land acquired for construction of a tunnel and a surface road above it.

Due to a delay in the grant of permission to transplant and fell trees, the NHAI has not been able to get the work started on the Delhi side of the expressway since last one year. However, work for two packages on the Gurugram side has already been allotted to a private contractor.

In order to end the impasse over felling trees and address the concerns of environmentalists, the NHAI has now proposed to transplant almost 9,000 out of the

13,690 trees that are proposed to be shifted, said officials privy to the matter. Earlier, the authority had decided to transplant

6,000 trees and cut down the rest of them for building the road.

However, a feasibility study was carried out recently by the NHAI that indicated more trees could be transplanted instead of being felled. It was on the basis of this study that the decision to transplant 9,000 trees was taken. This act of compensatory afforestation, argue officials, is in accordance with the existing rules of the Delhi government.

On Tuesday, a high level meeting of senior NHAI officials was conducted with officials of the Delhi government to discuss this matter, although officials did not

confirm the news.

Udeep Singhal, project director, Dwarka Expressway, when asked about the matter said that discussions are currently underway with the Delhi

government to resolve the crisis and start work on the project as soon as possible. “The entire process has been going on for the last one year, and we are working on it,” he said.

Last month, Singhal had said that the NHAI has agreed to pay for the transplantation of trees and the cost of afforestation. It has also ensured that land is made available for this process

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