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Paid workers intruded into INLD, says Abhay

November 06, 2018 06:47 AM


Paid workers intruded into INLD, says Abhay
Tribune News Service

Hisar, November 5

Leader of the Opposition Abhay Singh Chautala continued his onslaught on supporters of expelled MP Dushyant Chautala by claiming that last month, he had got a whiff of the presence of “paid workers” of the Congress in the INLD.
At an INLD-BSP workers’ meeting here on Monday, he recalled an incident during the INSO’s foundation day function in Kaithal on October 5.

“Youths were raising slogans and creating ruckus at the function. I told them they seemed to be paid workers of the Congress. If not so, they should popularise the promises made by (INLD patriarch) Om Prakash Chautala to the electorate,” Abhay said.

He urged workers to raise slogans in the name of Devi Lal, BR Ambedkar, Chautala and Mayawati. “Don’t raise slogans in my favour lest I will go crazy while thinking that the entire country stands by my side,” he said, triggering a burst of laughter.

He reminded workers that slogan-shouting was the reason behind the increasing indiscipline in the party.

“Some people at the Gohana rally (on October 7) hooted to disrupt the decorum of the event. We kept our patience and tried to salvage the situation. The INLD cadre is known for its discipline. Indiscipline was created to harm the party,” the Ellenabad MLA said.

On the INLD’s alliance with the BSP, he said the tie-up had given an impetus to workers. “Congress and BJP leaders had said it was an alliance of two weak parties. But now, they have realised that it’s a formidable combination. So, paid elements of rival parties intruded into the INLD to weaken it. They will not succeed in their intentions,” Abhay added.


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