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HARYANA-Illegal mining on under govt patronage: Dalal

October 11, 2018 05:43 AM


Illegal mining on under govt patronage: Dalal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10

Terming as hollow the zero tolerance slogan of the state government, Congress MLA Karan Singh Dalal on Wednesday claimed that a firm was illegally being allowed to carry on mining because it enjoyed political patronage and alleged the involvement of two ministers of Manohar Lal Khattar government.
In a memorandum to the Governor, Dalal claimed that the company had added names to the partnership deed submitted in connection with the auction of the mine in Bhiwani’s Pichopa Kala and violated the government condition that no names in the partnership could be added or deleted.

“This is applicable to all bidders and if violated, attracts cancellation of bid, forfeiture of deposited amount and bar on bidder for five years. This firm had four members at the time of auction and added two more at the time of execution of lease deed. Since this was not permissible, the lease deed between the Director, Mines and Geology, and the firm was executed illegally,” he said at a press conference.

Dalal alleged that the son of a former political assistant to a minister had been inducted as a partner to watch that minister’s interests while another minister had managed to get another partner inducted.

“The government’s highest functionaries are carrying on their business activities in the name of their staff — cooks and peons — and creating fear in the minds of the business community and the public,” he claimed.

Dalal alleged evasion of tax since the mining business involved two ministers. “Mining is being done beyond permissible limits and material is being sold without any record to evade tax,” he said.

He alleged that whenever local residents had approached the police for action against illegal mining, they were implicated in false cases at the behest of the government.

“I have demanded that criminal proceedings be initiated against the ministers, government officials responsible and directors, the the mine be sealed and the lease be cancelled,” he said

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