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HC goes green with new both-side printing norm

September 26, 2018 06:34 AM


HC goes green with new both-side printing norm


The Punjab and Haryana high court will soon become only the second high court in the country to instruct its lawyers to save paper. In a major administrative reform, the judges have decided to tell all lawyers to print on both sides of a page while preparing petitions.

Chairman of the high court’s computer committee, Justice Rajesh Bindal said that they hope to save around 1.5 crore pieces of paper annually with the new printing parameters. Fewer pages would also mean that the thousands of petitions would eat up less storage space.

Justice Bindal said that the proposal has been approved on the initiative of Chief Justice Krishan Murari. A final approval would be given in a full court meeting comprising all judges of the high court.

MP HC 1st to introduce reform in 2016

Madhya Pradesh HC took the lead by introducing this reform in 2016. Both petitions and court orders are printed on both sides of a page there. The Delhi high court too is planning to implement the new printing rules. The issue is pending before its rules committee.

According to senior advocates, the use of typewriters had brought in the practice of printing on one side of a page. At that time, paper used to be thin and it was not possible to print on both sides. Gradually, computer printing replaced typewriters, but the practice of printing on one side continued. Announcing the new rule on Tuesday, the court’s the computer committee also made a presentation before the bar, according to which lawyers have to use superior quality legal size paper of 80 gram per square metre to ensure both sides can be used and the printing remains legible. The margin of space, however, has to be kept as per existing rules

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