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HC seeks list of persons given security by HARYANA govt

September 14, 2018 06:23 AM


HC seeks list of persons given security by govt


The Punjab and Haryana high court on Thursday asked Haryana to produce the list of all protectees who have been provided security personnel by the state government.

Justice R K Jain of the HC passed these orders during the resumed hearing of a petition filed by Hansi-based lawyer Rajat Kalsan seeking police protection. Counsel for the petitioners argued that the petitioner was a lawyer and fighting some criminal cases related to atrocities on Dalits.

The judge, however, strongly objected to the petition observing that it would be difficult to provide security to lawyers only on the grounds that they were dealing with criminal cases. Justice Jain also went to observe that it had now become fashion for some people to flaunt their position by taking police personal as security guards.

When the counsel cited some threat perceptions, the judge summoned the Haryana advocate general (AG) to respond the issue. While appearing before the bench, Haryana AG B R Mahajan also strongly objected to the demand of petitioner Kalsan for security.

AG orally told the bench that as per the informations received by him, the petitioner has been vitiating the peaceful atmosphere at various places in the state, thus should not be given any security.

Expanding the scope of the petition, Justice Jain told the AG to come up with a complete report of protectees who have been provided security personnel by the state police in Haryana. The HC, however, refused to issue any notice on petitioner’s plea.

The matter would now come up for hearing on September 24.

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