Friday, April 26, 2019
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Probe against officials of HSVP for misleading court

September 13, 2018 07:07 AM

COURTESY TOI SEPT 13 Probe against officials of HSVP for misleading court
Kumar Mukesh TNN


In yet another case of financial fraud, reminiscent of the Rs 70-crore scam in which a former district revenue officer was booked for excess compensations paid to landowners in Panchkula in 2015, officials of Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) have been found misleading the court in granting enhanced compensation to people whose land it acquired for an auto market in Hansi town of Hisar district.

The land acquisition happened about 24 years ago. Apparently, the HSVP officials had opened dummy bank accounts of farmers and told the court that they had settled their claims worth Rs 117 crore.

The matter came to light when the court asked the landowners about compensation money from the HSVP and was told that they had not received it. Following the findings, Hisar additional sessions Judge Ajay Parashar had ordered the police to investigate into matter last week. The judge’s reader will lodge a complaint with police for registeration of a criminal case.

The court has fixed next hearing of the case for September 29.

Unhappy with the compensation given by the HSVP, Jind farmer Vijay Kumar, whose land in Hansi was acquired for the auto market in 1994, had filed a petition for enhanced compensation.

The matter reached the Supreme Court, which ordered the HSVP to pay Rs 93 lakh to Vijay. In the case of other litigants also, the apex court ordered the HSVP to compensate the farmers. Following the Supreme Court directions, the HSVP headquarters had released around Rs 117 crore for the landowners.

When the landowners filed applications in the court to collect their compensation amount, the HSVP officials stated that they had transferred the money into their accounts.

Vijay told the court that he had provided his bank account number of Canara Bank, identity (ID) proof and other documents to HSVP but not got any money. However, the HSVP submitted before the court that it had paid money to Vijay in his account with the Axis Bank.

Vijay told the court that he did not have an account in the Axis Bank, following which the court ordered an inquiry into the whole matter.

In the 2015 Rs 70-crore scam, government funds meant for disbursal as land compensation to farmers were allegedly misappropriated by a former district revenue officer (DRO) of Panchkula in connivance with bank officials.

The investigation agency found that funds meant for land acquisition compensation from 2012 to 2015 were embezzled by the DRO in connivance with bank officials and others. Investigations revealed that crores were transferred to the accounts of some people, who were not awardees of the land acquisition compensation

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