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TOI EDIT Shirty Rules In tennis men have a topless advantage

September 01, 2018 06:03 AM


Shirty Rules
In tennis men have a topless advantage
The Grand Slams seem to keep breaking into a sweat over women’s bodies. Serena Williams is being banned from wearing a catsuit at future French Opens and Alize Cornet has received a US Open code violation for changing her T-shirt on court. The irrepressible Serena has bounced back with a tutu and fishnet stockings, she will keep outfoxing the body police. The Cornet reprimand was such a brazen display of sexist double standards, that it has forced US Open organisers to clarify “this will not happen moving forward.”

It’s a hot and humid NYC tournament this year. Players have been sweating bucket loads. Several have had to quit their matches. Like Novak Djokovic explained graphically, everything feels like it is boiling, body, brain, everything. So he took off his shirt during a break. As did other men. As Rafael Nadal does with charming regularity. Cornet didn’t really join their party, she just realised that her T-shirt was on backwards, took it off and put it right. She was wearing a sports bra so you couldn’t even say she was topless like the men.

Serena’s catsuit is accused of covering too much and Cornet of uncovering too much. All this dressing down is in the guise of “respect the game”. But that metric should only be concerned with the skills a player brings to the game. Criticising what she wears to it or doesn’t is just discrimination.


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