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July 12, 2018 06:40 AM



1 I am a 25 year-oldman. My partner and I enjoy sexual intercourse. However, my wife insists we go to sleep in such a position so that my penis is inside her vagina the entire night. Will there be any problem because of this practice?

Most likely the penis will slip out of the vagina when it loses its erection. While it lasts, it can be an enjoyable experience.

2 During a routine annual medical checkup in 2012, it was observed that my PSA count was above normal at 6.5 and following biopsy, doctors recommended surgery for removal of prostate. The robotic nerve sparing surgery was done successfully within three months of receiving the biopsy report. I stopped using diapers after six months of surgery as I overcame urinary incontinence during that period. Now, I suffer from erectile dysfunction and Viagra variants haven’t helped. I am 65 years old and in good health. Can you suggest a solution to my problem?

Revisit the operating surgeon for any advice he can give you. Meanwhile, you may start doing kegel exercises (surf the internet to learn about the exercise). Also take Neo (Charak) tablets thrice a day for a month. A visit to a sexpert will help.

3 I have a very small penis and I can’t seem to satisfy my girlfriend. Do suggest how I can enlarge it.

You are one of the thousands who suffer from an inferiority complex. Do take the advice of a consultant. It is likely that on inspection, he will pronounce that all is normal. There is no simple way to enlarge it. It would serve you well to learn to make best use of it by mastering techniques of foreplay that will satisfy you.

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