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June 25, 2018 05:11 AM



1 My girlfriend loves foreplay. But as soon as we start having sex she suddenly stops getting orgasms and says that she’s exhausted. We are afraid that this will affect our sex life after marriage? What should we do to have a healthy sex life?

Women can reach orgasm several times with foreplay. Hence your partner requires a period of rest in between. To learn how both of you can improve, I’d suggest you buy a book Its Normal. It’savailable online and will give you suggestions for a healthy sex life.

2 I am 43-year-old married man. I can’t sustain an erection and I have a drinking problem as well. Could you suggest some medicines? We also don’t have children but want to start a family soon. We have had tests done and everything was normal.

You have the answer. You have to decrease your alcohol consumption and increase the frequency of your intercourse. Tablets are not going to be helpful, it’s you who has to make an effort. It is said “can’t” is in the dictionary of fools, so please increase your effort and imagine the pleasure it will give your wife and you.

3 I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend a few weeks back and since then I have been experiencing a burning sensation while urinating. My penis used to itch a lot but now the itching has stopped. I researched these symptoms online, and it looks like I could be infected with STD. Please advice me on this.

Since there is irritation in your penis and you feel that she has an infection, it is best that both of you carry out the test that your doctor advices. Also make it a point to use a condom on every occasion.

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