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June 19, 2018 07:32 AM



1 I am a 22-year-old woman. I masturbate whenever I am sexually excited. Recently I have found a lot of rashes in and around my vaginal area. They have been there for a week. Since the date of my period is drawing closer, I’m apprehensive of the rashes causing some sort of an infection. The doctor I visited prescribed a cream. I just want to know how an infection can be avoided during my period. I’m apprehensive about the use of a sanitary pad aggravating the situation.

The ointment your doctor has prescribed will help control the spread of the rash. The rash does not indicate that you have an infection. Apply the cream before using the pad. You should ensure that you masturbate gently and maintain hygiene, and wash yourself well each time you visit the toilet. Should there be no improvement, visit your consultant.

2 I am a 29-year-old man.

My nightfall discharge is thicker and whiter in colour than when I masturbate or have sex. My discharge in such cases is less viscous and creamy in colour. Is this normal?

I would suggest you stop inspecting yourself. What is happening can be considered as normal.

3 My friend has a normal period that lasts for about seven days. She bleeds properly for three days. After that until the last day, the flow is negligible, about a drop. She had sex with her husband on the sixth day of her period. Her husband removed her sanitary pad just before he ejaculated. She wants to know if there is a chance she could get pregnant. Her husband says that he ejaculated safely, and that no semen went inside. But she is worried. Please guide her.

It is highly unlikely that she can get pregnant, as the intercourse was done within seven days of the menstrual cycle

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