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HARYANA CM CITY KARNAL-Fund crunch derails govt’s sanitary napkin project

June 16, 2018 06:15 AM


Fund crunch derails govt’s sanitary napkin project
Parveen Arora

Tribune News Service

Karnal, June 15

Sakhi, a government-funded project, has failed to fulfil its purpose. It was launched on February 6, 2015 by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to promote personal hygiene and menstrual health among adolescent girls by ensuring round-the-clock availability of quality sanitary napkins in their educational institutes.
Under the project, 43 sanitary napkin vending machines were installed in around 40 government girls senior secondary schools and government colleges.
As per sources, the vending machines are lying non-functional in schools and colleges since February 2017 due to fund crunch.
After the launch of the project in Karnal, the government had planned to further such initiatives in all districts. Swayamsiddha, an NGO, was given the charge to look after the facility by the district administration, but the non-availability of funds has created a hurdle in the successful continuation of the project. Dr Ranjna Sharma, president of Swayamsiddha, admitted that all the sanitary napkin machines were lying non-functional in the district. She said, “We had installed 43 machines — 10 in Karnal urban schools and colleges, 12 in Karnal block rural schools, while 21 in Gharaunda and Nilokheri block.
“We also organised camps to educate the girls to use this facility and they were happy with the facility in their institutes,” she added.
“It is a government-funded project and the designated company had to do annual maintenance of the machines. But due to non-availability of funds, their maintenance could not be done on time,” she said.
She said that the installation of each machine had cost Rs 45,000, but now, these were turning to scrap. A set of three napkins was given for Rs 10 to the girls. They had to insert a coin of Rs 10 in the vending machine that released a set of three napkins, she said.
Aditya Dahiya, Deputy Commissioner, said that the issue has come to his notice and he would get it checked. If there was any problem of funds, he would have it resolved and the facility would be restored soon.
Machines not functional
43 sanitary napkin vending machines were installed in 40 government girls senior secondary schools and government colleges.
Girls had to insert a coin of Rs 10 in the vending machine for it to release a set of three napkins.
The machines are lying non-functional since February 2017 due to lack of maintenance.

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