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June 05, 2018 06:45 AM



1 I am 26 years old and I got married four months ago. I am a porn addict. I watch porn every day and I used to satisfy myself by using a jet spray. I wanted to know if this habit of mine could cause any problem during pregnancy. Whenever my husband and I want to have sex, I do not get excited. My husband tries very hard but once we start, it gives me no pleasure whatsoever. I’m apprehensive of the situation causing problems in my marriage. Please let me know how I can solve it.

To start with, you are not likely to get interested in natural intercourse unless you give up watching porn. I’d suggest you think about how you can satisfy your husband and yourself. If you shower carefully, there should be no harm but be sure that you are clean and maintain hygiene. When you become pregnant, follow the advice of your gynecologist.

2 I’m 35 years old. I have been married for 12 years. A decade or so, in the initial days of my marriage, I did enjoy having sex, and sometimes we indulged in it several times in a day. But I don’t seem to enjoy it anymore even though we try different positions, watch porn, indulge in foreplay and after-play. I have also never been able to reach orgasm. I fake it because I don’t want to hurt my husband. Also, I have never masturbated in my life, and neither have I felt the urge to. I am wondering if I am normal? And if that is indeed the case, why can’t I orgasm like a lot of women?

Rather than faking an orgasm, why not have a quiet meeting together and tell him that while you are satisfied, you would enjoy it even more if he were able to help you achieve an orgasm. Combine this chat with a holiday

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