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Badnore overturns need­based changes allowed in CHB units

May 26, 2018 07:22 AM


Hillary Victor
Badnore overturns need­based changes allowed in CHB units
HANGING IN BALANCE Badnore’s order says admn approval not taken before allowing changes; CHB panel to take final call

CHANDIGARH : In a major decision that will affect around 25,000 allottees, UT administrator VP Singh Badnore has overturned the decisions regarding needbased changes taken by former Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) chairman Maninder Singh Bains in 2017.

Bains, whose three-year tenure ended in March this year, had taken several decisions regarding need-based changes last year, bringing huge relief to allottees.

But, Badnore in his order stated that the decisions had been revoked as they were issued without the approval of UT administration, and were not in accordance with the prevalent development regulations, including the Chandigarh Master Plan 2031.

Meanwhile, current CHB chairman AK Sinha said, “We have already constituted a committee to deal with the need-based changes. The committee, formed in April, will present a report, following which we will take a final call on whether to allow the changes. As far as the changes allowed last year, the committee is studying those also.”

The committee so far has found that around 55,000 of the total 62,000 dwelling units have various kinds of violations. These include additional rooms and toilets, conversion of balconies into rooms, covering of the courtyard and even construction of stairs on government land. Over the years, house owners have constructed these structures against the rules, and have now been demanding their regularisation.

In October 2016, UT chief architect Kapil Setia, who is also a member of the CHB governing body, strongly objected to allowing grilles in balconies and verandahs of houses of all categories under CHB. But the board went ahead and allowed the grilles.

In a written objection, Setia stated that this will have wide ramifications by adversely affecting the urban design of group housing units. He also stated that a similar demand could be raised by private group housing societies in southern sectors where the floor area ratio (FAR) had been exhausted.

Nirmal Dutt, chairman of Chandigarh Residents’ Welfare Federation said, “We will hold a meeting in Sector 47 on May 27, and study the implications of the administrator’s orders

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