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HARYANA-Childcare institutions face fund crisis Grant for financial year 2016-17 received in February last year

May 14, 2018 05:24 AM


Childcare institutions face fund crisis
Grant for financial year 2016-17 received in February last year
Parveen Arora

Tribune News Service

Karnal, May 13

The managements of Child Care Institutions (CCIs), run by NGOs across the state, are running from pillar to post to get their annual grants from the Women and Child Development Department.
In the absence of funds, the CCIs have been facing hardship as hundreds of children in need of care and protection are dependent on them. The institutes are relying on help from residents.
As per the scheme of the state government, Rs 2,000 per month is given for each child living in these CCIs for their maintenance, including food, clothing, education, medical care and others.
An office-bearer of an orphanage, which runs a CCI, said that they had met the Director, Women and Child Development, but no grant had been issued so far. “We were assured in April of releasing the grant by the first week of May, but even after 10 days, the result is the same,” he added.
“In April, there is a lot of pressure on the management. We have to get these children admitted to various schools, purchase their uniforms, books, stationery and other goods, besides, fulfilling their routine requirements,” said an office-bearer of another orphanage.
“We had received the last grant from the state government in February 2017 for 2016-17. The last financial year has elapsed, but no grant has been issued to us,” he added.
Instead of giving the grant in advance, the government has been forcing the CCIs to wait for more than a year, he adds.
Surinder Mann, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee, Karnal, said that he had approached the Additional Director of the department and he had been assured that the grant would be released at the earliest.
Hema Sharma, Director, Women and Child Development, said that they had received the funds and these would soon be given to the CICs.

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