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May 04, 2018 07:25 AM



1 I am 23-year-old man.

Having endured some stress in recent times, I have seen a decrease in my sexual urges. This has also impacted my urge to masturbate. As a result of this, I have not been able to masturbate in the last four months. Also, I have not witnessed any nightfall during this period. Is this normal? Would this affect my sex life in future? Would it be harmful if I do not masturbate for a long period of time? Is there a chance that I could become impotent as a result of being sexually inactive? What can I do to ensure I remain healthy?

Masturbation is a good substitute for sexual intercourse when unmarried. It will not harm you in any way, neither will it affect you if you do it occasionally.

2 I am a 27-year-old man and work in the Navy. I am getting married to a 25-year-old woman in four months. It’s been two years since we’ve been in a healthy relationship. We love each other deeply, share a strong bond and completely understand each other. After we get married, I will be posted to a distant location for six months. While I am away, is it possible that my future wife will try to have physical relations with someone to sexually gratify herself? Is the female sex drive so strong that she won’t be able to control herself and end up betraying me? I am a bit anxious about this. What should I do?

From what you have written about the relationship you both share with each other, I am surprised that you even think that she would resort to such behavior in your absence. If she is sexually aroused when you are away, she will do what you do, which is to masturbate

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