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Haryana Crime

Rs 78L siphoned off from bizman's a-c

June 28, 2017 07:10 AM

Jun 28 2017 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad)
Rs 78L siphoned off from bizman's a-c

Money Transferred In Different Amounts In Various Cities
It was a shocker for Umesh Patel, a manufacturer of electric panels, when his payment cheque to a supplier had bounced due to unavailability of balance. When Patel checked with his bank, Rs 78 lakh from his and his wife's accounts were transferred to different accounts in various cities on June 19.
It later came to light that somebody has swindled money from his accounts through fraudulent means. Police said that on June 17, Patel and his wife had received an sms that their sim cards are being blocked since they have requested to upgrade it. When Patel contacted the mobile company on June 19, they told him that none of the cards of blocked.

Later, the couple was issued new sim cards and the same day the bank called him regarding unavailability of balance.On checking their bank statements, the couple realized that money in different amounts were transferred to 11 bank accounts in Kolkata, Gwalior, Lucknow and 24 Parganas in West Bengal.

Patel then approached cyber-crime cell of city police and informed about the fraud. Cops said that during their initial investigations, it has come to light that on June 17 when the couple's sim card was blocked, new ones cards were issued by some unidentified persons from a mobile store in Deesa in North Gujarat by using their fake identity cards.

“It is a work of a gang of seven to eight people operating from different cities across the country and the transfer and withdrawal is done within hours so that even if the complainant tries to cancel the transaction, it is not done,“ said A D Gamit, police sub-inspector in cyber-crime cell.

The police has contacted the different branches to which the money was transferred and have asked for documents. “In such cases, the bank accounts are also opened by submitting fake identity cards but we are yet to verify if it is same in this case too,“ said Gamit.

Cops said that such cases can be prevented only if the account holder keeps separate mobile numbers for banking purposes and other usage.

This is the second such case that has happened in less than a month. On May 22, Paramveersingh Chhabra, a businessman residing on Old Padra Road, had lost Rs 83 lakh in a similar way . While, Patel's sim card was issued by the accused from Deesa, Chhabra's was issued from Palanpur. Cops suspect that a same gang might be involved in both the cases.

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