Was Parkash Singh Used by Khattar?

September 03, 2016 10:42 AM

Pawan Kumar Bansal(NEW-DELHI): Former Haryana D.G.P., Swadesh Kumar Sethi once while addressing I.P.S trainees in Police academy has commented that good cops are like umbrella   who are used during heavy rains and are packed in go down after the rain is over.This proves true in case of former U.P.Police Chief, Parkash Singh, who is most talked about personality in political,administrative and media circles of Haryana. Was he used by the Govt. to defuse the heat generated by agitation for demand of reservation by Jats which witnessed death of about thirty persons, looting and burning of police stations , private and Government property worth crores and even disruption of water supply to national capital. At that time opposition was demanding resignation of chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar who was facing criticism from every quarter for not handling the situation with firm hand.So to defuse the situation Govt. requested Parkash Singh to  submit report about administrative failure  during the agitation Assisted by another Haryana cadre I.P.S officer,K,P,Singh he visited affected areas and met affected people. It goes to his credit that within short period he submitted a detailed report indicting several high and mighty including politicians , cops and administrative officers which proved headache for the Govt. Although after his report D.G.P.Yashpal Singal and home secretary were shifted and some officers including cops were suspended. But soon the Govt. realised that the report is also embarrassing it so exercise was started to discredit Parkash Singh. First was Health Minister, Anil Vij who said that report was not Bhagwat Geeta. Some officers including home secretary, and D.C.Jhajjar also questioned the report.Now Khattars allegation that Parkash Singh wanted job for doing another report on Police reforms has added fuel to fire with Parkash Singh describing the allegations as rubbish stating that he was not after job or money. adding that he had accepted the job in public interest only.Even  Punjab and Haryana High Court has asked the Haryana Govt. to explain that why Parkash Singh was not assigned the job of giving report on Police reforms.

Now something about Police reports. I am reporting about Haryana Police for last about three decades and even planning  book titled .Inside Story of Haryana Police giving all aspects since Haryana became separate State. Basis on my experience I can say that Police reforms is urgently needed in the State as Haryana Police is totally politicised and criminalised excepting some good cops. It is divided on caste lines.
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