Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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TOI EDIT-Selective Outrage Recognise the threats to free speech. Rise above politics to defend it ET EDIT-Mystical Link Between Turnout and Victory TOI EDIT-Allergic To Dissent Sharing a funny meme mustn’t land one in jail.SC must take Bengal government to task HT EDIT-Diversify the rural economy The new government must begin agricultural reforms fast TOI EDIT-Room To Improve Shorter election cycles and technology can make for a better voter experience HT EDIT -The NCR needs a plan to tackle summer pollution The authorities seem to wake up to the health hazard only during the winter ET EDIT-Loan Waivers for All a Terrible Idea Killing credit discipline would kill fintech HT EDIT-Cong must spell out macro vision Rahul Gandhi should elaborate on his new economic model TOI EDIT-Audacious Siege Why Mamata and Modi are duelling fiercely NBT EDIT-निजी क्षेत्र से बढ़ रहा है युवाओं का मोहभंग नौकरी मिले सरकारी सीईएस का सर्वे Missing 36% It’s possible to set GDP controversy at rest by opening up database to researchers HT EDIT-A big let down for Delhi’s voters No party has discussed crucial civic and governance problems ET EDIT-Secretary Ross Gets His Facts Wrong India is not a high-tariff country among peers NBT EDIT-फिल्मों से बरसता पैसा हॉलिवुड और बॉलिवुड HT EDIT-Kargil’s lessons remain relevant India relies more on Pakistan’s blunders than its own prowess TOI EDIT -Babu’s Day Out A Karnataka civil servant shows how an upright bureaucracy can make a big difference TOI EDIT-Case For EVMs Polling in the 21st century is in need of more technology, not less ET EDIT-Defeat Psychological Warfare of the IS ET EDIT-Be a Whole Lot More Proactive, Maruti Don’t stop at going off diesel, step up on EVs NBT EDIT-चुनाव में सिलेब्रिटीज-किसलिए इतने सितारे TOI EDIT-Vilifying The EVM Snags get amplified by social media. EC must minimise failures, swiftly replace machines TOI EDIT-After The Poll Economic reforms and cultivating friends are crucial for India’s strategic heft TOI EDIT-SC’s Nightmare NBT EDIT-सवाल तेल का नहीं TOI EDIT-Median Phase We will cross the halfway mark today in a competitive, angry and polarising election ET EDIT-May Truth Prevail, Be Seen to Prevail Court must be strong within to be strong witho ET EDIT-Condemn the Terror Strikes In Sri Lanka Wake up to the dangers of religious hatred HT EDIT-Nyay’s impact could be wider than expected The plan could alter the socio-economic balance of power in India’s villages HT EDIT-BJP has to get the balance right It is strong on the national story but looks weak on the local front NBT EDIT-बेरोजगारी और आतंकवाद सबसे बड़ी चिंता आशंकाओं के बीच