Sunday, September 22, 2019
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ET EDIT -Raise, Don’t Waive, Urban Water Charges ET EDIT-Challenge for the Political Executive Paying govt’s bills is hostage to babu paranoia TOI EDIT-War Over Hindi INDIAN EXPRESS EDIT-Public? Safety? Move to book Farooq Abdullah under PSA shows arbitrariness — and a lack of plan to address the crisis in J&K HT EDIT-Replicating NRC is unwise The BJP should rethink its approach. The costs are too hi TOI EDIT -Mediocrity Rules Poor rankings of Indian varsities exemplify the rot in education HT EDIT-The political game of shifting capitals The Andhra CM should come out with a clear-cut plan on the future of Amravati HT EDIT -India’s war on road accidents Some finessing is needed, but the amended Act must stay TOI EDIT-Enforcement Is Key Intent of Motor Vehicles Act changes is good, but Gujarat shows that it needs finessin TOI EDIT-Maha Battle Begins In Maharashtra, BJP is taxed more by ally Shiv Sena than rivals Congress and NCP HT EDIT-Congress: The bid for revival Instead of emulating the BJP, it must play to its own strengths HT EDIT-Delhi’s anti-dengue drive is laudable Ten minutes a week to get rid of stagnant water is well worth it to fight dengue TRIBUNE EDIT-Making roads safer Roadblocks likely as penalty steep for minor offences NBT EDIT-सुरक्षा और फाइन THE ECONOMIC TIMES EDIT-Time to Wind Up the SIT on Black Money THE TRIBUNE EDIT-Shooting the messenger UP Govt must iron out flaws in midday meal scheme TOI EDIT -Manmohan Speaks NBT EDIT-सुस्ती और सबक TOI EDIT-BJP Blame Thyself The loose cannon that is Pragya Thakur TOI EDIT -Privatise To Prosper Best way to rescue economy from ongoing slump ET EDIT-The Bad Economic News We All Suspected ET EDIT-India Needs a Few More Big Banks However, supportive regulation is missing HINDU -EDITORIAL Big bank theory: On Public Sector Bank mergers For the mergers to work, realising staff cost synergies is key INDIAN EXPRESS EDIT -Gloomy numbers With growth slumping, government must address structural issues plaguing the economy TOI EDIT-Twin Fit Campaign While some Indians could surely do with weight loss, others really need more food ET EDIT-Time for Political Courage, Implies RBI India needs a shot of fiscal expansion, right now NBT EDIT-रिजर्व का सहारा HT EDIT-An unsustainable trajectory Relying on windfall gains is becoming a norm. Avoid it ET EDIT-RBI’s Medium-Term Strategy Has Gaps Technology, regulation need explicit attention TOI EDIT-Demonisation Demon Insecure, averse to criticism, suspicious of other’s motives, BJP and Congress must do better