Friday, July 19, 2019
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ET EDIT-Higher Surcharges Cost the Economy Some FPIs’d prefer to stay trusts and stay away TRIBUNE EDIT -Agrarian distress HC action points to the grim fact of farm suicides ET EDIT-Leave the Market to Find its Level TOI EDIT -Staging Patriotism Is Congress in Punjab doing a BJP by making NCC compulsory? HT EDIT -Monday’s market scare TOI EDIT-Be Safe, Stay Home NBT EDIT-स्टडी इन इंडिया ET-EDIT-Venturing Out of Our Own Backyard Overseas borrowing needs honest accounting TOI EDIT-Agriculture Can’t Wait NBT EDIT-इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर के विकास को प्राथमिकता मजबूती की बुनियाद HT EDIT-A disciplined, growth-oriented budget TOI EDIT- BUDGET- EDIT-Up In The Air INDIAN EXPRES EDIT-Incrementalism over ambition TOI EDIT-Go Up A Notch Team India needs to plug some gaps if it is to lift the ODI World Cup ET EDIT -A Nudge for Policy Towards Economics Economic Survey illuminates, now to use it ET EDIT-Nudge Policymakers for Nudge to Work TOI EDIT-Rahul Says Alvida HT EDIT-Gandhi departs but uncertainty persists ET EDIT-Un-Restrictions’, Rigour, Resources Decentralised quality for higher education ET EDIT -All That a Budget Can Do, It Must GoI must boost confidence in businesses INDIA EXPRESS EDITORIAL-Deepening the unease By stoking insecurities on Article 370, BJP-led Centre takes a wrong turn in J&K HT EDIT-The water crisis is deepening The PM must walk the talk on conserving this reso ET EDIT-Heart Sinks With Oil Prices Rising TOI EDIT-Them And Us One set of laws for us, another for them politicians. This cannot pass in free India HT EDIT-Congress’ apathy is unfair to its voters, democracy INDIAN EXPRESS -Doling out quotas TOI EDIT-Single So What Policy must actively support female independence TOI EDIT-50% Meltdown If nothing else, at least quotas keep growing HT EDIT-The basic rules of travel etiquette Respect your fellow travellers and keep the volume down TOI EDIT-Listen To Rahul It is time for Congress to find a leadership outside the Gandhi family